Jordan Peele is having an excellent week. Peele's horror thriller, Get Out, about a young black man going to meet his white girlfriend's parents for the first time earned three wins from the Independent Filmmaker Project on Monday night in New York City, including the Gotham Audience Award. Peele, helming his first movie, took home the Bingham Ray Breakthrough Director Award and best screenplay honor. But before all of that, the director sat down with Vanity Fair to go over some fan theories about Get Out and the results are hilarious.

Get Out came out of leftfield as many fans of Jordan Peele expected him to make a comedy movie and apparently the Golden Globes still thinks that it's a comedy. In addition, there's a lot to dissect and the movie deserves repeat viewings to pick up on every little bit of information that was foreshadowed. Fans of the movie have gone to great lengths to explains every little detail, sometimes coming up with whacky conspiracy theories while some actually pick up on exactly what Jordan Peele was trying to get across. Even thinking of Peele reading some the theories and seeing his expressions are worth watching alone.

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One fan noticed during the airport scene, that the flight being called is 237, which is the scariest room in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Jordan Peele read the theory and owned up to it immediately, calling it one of the easiest horror Easter Eggs to do. Another fan claimed that Get Out is actually an imagined scenario of Rod the TSA agent's mind and that he's the true star and hero of the story. Peele chuckles and then says something about smoking too much marijuana while debunking that theory.

Another fan took notice to the music and in particular the scene where Jeremy is playing the ukulele on the porch. The fan theorizes that he's playing a slowed down version of symphony by J.S. Bach, to which Jordan Peele laughs and reveals that he literally told the actor to play whatever he wanted, so it is not that song and it was not done on purpose. Peele also reveals that he did some voice acting in Get Out as well. He did the dear dying noises (yes, for real) and the voice on a TV commercial. One fan theory mentioned that the star of the movie is freed by picking cotton, which Jordan Peele confirmed.

There's plenty more Get Out fan theories included in the 10-minute video and it's worth your time, even if you've only seen the movie once. Jordan Peel's reactions are priceless as are some of the Reddit user names where the theories originated from. It's cool to see Peele confirm some of the theories and also take compliments when fans have noticed something that he didn't do intentionally. You can watch the video of Jordan Peele going over Get Out fan theories below, via Vaniy Fair's YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick