Lil Rel Howery plays Rod, the best friend and TSA agent in the Academy Award nominated Get Out. Though Howery is in many ways the unsung hero of the movie, he wasn't invited to the Academy Awards. In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the actor/comedian revealed that he did not get an invitation to join the rest of cast at the Academy Awards because he wasn't important enough. Kimmel, who is hosting this year's Academy Awards, promised to sneak Lil Rel Howery into the show, and the actor seemed genuinely excited and shocked at the talk show host's gesture.

Rod saves Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) in Get Out and he's the comic relief in the movie. Lil Rel Howery shines in every scene he's in, but that's not to say that he deserves an Oscar. However, he should be invited to go party and celebrate the amazing feat with the rest of the cast and crew. Howery told Jimmy Kimmel that he wasn't "important enough," with self-deprecating humor, to attend the awards show. But Kimmel isn't going to let that happen, since Lil Rel Howery is now one of his personal guests after host Jimmy Kimmel invited the comedian to join him that night.

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When asked if Get Out was his first movie, Lil Rel Howery laughed and then said, "no" in deadpan. The standup comedian reveals that he's done plays before and even B-movies in the past, but revealed that Get Out was his first official feature-length movie with a substantial role. He had this to say.

"Unfortunately, no. This is my first, like, feature film. But you do stand-up, you do a lot of, like, weird plays and D movies."

Things are starting to heat up for Howery after his hilarious role in Jordan Peele's directorial debut. We're about to see a lot more of Lil Rel Howery. Lil Rel Howery will star in his own Fox sitcom where he will play a fictional version of himself. Jerrod Carmichael serves as the executive producer of the show while Howery will write, produce, and star in the still untitled pilot. The show takes place in Chicago and will see Howery's wife have an affair with his barber while he tries to pick up the pieces of his life and try to find love again.

Even if Jimmy Kimmel's fool-proof way to sneak Lil Rel Howery into the Academy Awards doesn't work out (how could it not?), the comedian had previously already been invited to rapper Jay Z's Oscars after-party, which is a pretty big deal. Get Out is nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, while Jordan Peele picked up a nomination for Best Director and Daniel Kaluuya received a nomination for Best Actor. You can watch Lil Rel Howery's segment on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show below and watch the host invite the comedian to the Oscars. The video comes to us courtesy of The Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel.