Blumhouse Productions has made a big splash in recent years by producing a bunch of micro-budget horror movies in the hopes that several of those movies will be breakout hits and turn a big profit. That strategy has proved to be very successful and they have really proved just how profitable their model can be in 2017. The two most profitable movies of the year, Get Out and Split, both were produced by Blumhouse.

The Wrap recently took a look at the top-grossing movies of 2017 at the box office and did some calculations to figure out which movies were the most profitable. The Wrap calculated this by combining the production budget and marketing budget and weighing that against what the movie made at the box office. According to their findings, Get Out, Jordan Peele's brilliant directorial debut, came out on top. So just how profitable was Get Out? The movie had a staggering 630 percent return on investment.

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Director Jordan Peele was given a $4.5 million budget to make Get Out, which grossed a truly impressive $252.4 million at the box office. The report estimates that the movie had a $30 million marketing budget, but even with that factored in, the box office take makes Get Out a massive success. Not to mention that the movie is a true critical smash as well and has a legitimate shot at some awards season recognition later this year. Not bad at all for a first time director who was primarily known for his work on a Comedy Central sketch show. If the movie can manage to grab some Oscar love, there is some talk of Get Out being in the conversation for Best Picture already, then that would really just ice the cake.

As for Split, which has helped to really revive M. Night Shyamalan's career, The Wrap found that the movie had a truly impressive 610 percent return on investment. Split made more at the box office, grossing $276.9 million, but it also cost more to make since it had a $9 million budget. Still, that makes both of these movies truly outstanding investments for Blumhouse and is almost certainly something that other studios are going to look at and attempt to emulate.

Blumhouse is going to continue to benefit from both of these major hits. M. Night Shyamalan is working on Split 2/Unbreakable 2 right now, which is officially titled Glass. So the studio is likely going to have an equally huge hit coming down the pipeline with that. Jordan Peele is also working on another untitled social thriller for Universal, who distributes for Blumhouse. Considering how big of a hit Get Out was, all eyes are going to be on that movie, whatever it winds up being titled. Outside of these movies, they also have big franchises like The Purge and the upcoming Spawn reboot from Todd McFarlane, so Blumhouse's success doesn't look to be waning in the near future.