Director David Twohy has posted two new images from his upcoming film, A Perfect Getaway, on his blog. You can click on the images of Milla Jovovich and Kiele Sanchez below.

<strong><em>A Perfect Getaway</em></strong> Milla Jovovich
<strong><em>A Perfect Getaway</em></strong> Kiele Sanche

Twohy also gave an update concerning the film's release date, which apparently was set for this month, when the film was at MGM, but now that the film is being released by Universal, it's looking like it will come out later this summer.

Anyway, the date that works for Uni schedule is now sometime in August, possibly August 14. And I'll even caveat that, if only because movies frequently change release dates these days. Sometimes it's a reflection of the movie itself, sometimes it's simply about the musical chairs that all studios play with their releases. So don't get too hung up about it. I don't.

We'll certainly keep you updated on any news surrounding this upcoming film.