David Carradine stars in this fantasy martial arts movie Son of the Dragon that was filmed entirely in China. Bird (Carradine) takes in orphaned and abandoned children. A former warrior, he instructs all the children in the martial arts. The oldest boy, DB (John Reardon), is a phenomenal thief much like Robin Hood. He only steals from the rich. In the opening DB distributes his collection of coins to the poor people in the town. His heart is in the right place and he uses his exceptional martial arts abilities, not to mention his quick speed. He is, however, a cocky man who thinks he is the best thief around. He is, but his attitude is a bit disarming to Bird, who looks at things very simply.

DB has his sights on the royal jewels. He devises a plan to pose as The Prince of the Seven Seas, and take his place as one of the princes who are assembled with the intent on marrying the princess. When he gains access to the palace, he plans on stealing one of the jewels which will help feed his brothers and sisters and keep them safe. But once he meets the princess, his heart takes over. He wants to win her heart and her hand in marriage. Along with Bird, DB undertakes the challenges designed to find the best match for the princess. DB tells Bird he is doing this for the sake of the children and the people of the city. Once he weds the princess, he will make sure everyone is well taken care of, and reverse all the horrible things the current government is doing to keep the people oppressed. But deep down, Bird realizes that the boy is in love.

The cunning and devious Prince of the North is a vicious man who has his own plans for the city. DB and Bird do everything in their power to stop this deceitful man, knowing that he is not the best choice for the princess or the city.

Carradine may be type-cast as a calm, martial arts expert, but there's no doubt he is great at this character. The martial arts and sword fighting scenes are pure fantasy but enjoyable to watch. And the scenery is beautiful.

Son of the Dragon launches the new Hallmark Movie Channel HD. It premiers Wednesday, April 2 at 8 PM PT/ET.