The History Channel premieres a new series February 6. UFO Hunters follows a group of men as they search for evidence of UFOs on earth. Bill Birnes is the publisher of UFO Magazine and Pat Uskert works at the magazine. Jeff Tomlinson is the science intern and Dr. Ted Acworth is a mechanical engineer and researcher. Together they form an impressive team focused on proving we are not alone.

In the premier episode the group travels to the state of Washington to look for evidence of an incident that occurred before the famous Roswell crash when a man, his son and his dog were out on their boat in Puget Sound and witnessed several discs in the sky. One of the discs spewed hot fragments into the water and on the land. Some of these fragments hit the boat killing their dog. The UFO Hunters look for traces of these fragments and follow the clues to another location where the plane that was carrying the specimens for the government crashed on the way to a California air force base. The UFO hunters have a two-fold mission. Besides looking for the initial fragments in Puget Sound, they want to prove that whatever the plane was carrying actually caused its crash.

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Armed with new tools and technology, these men are more capable than any predecessors of finding actual elements of UFO visits to Earth.

For UFO enthusiasts, this is an interesting and insightful series. And for those skeptics, it is interesting as well because some of the information is irrefutable and will cause people to be talking about the episodes the next day at the water cooler!

E.T. phone home. This is an intriguing series.

UFO Hunters premieres Wednesday, February 6 at 10 PM ET/PT on The History Channel.