Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog came out of left field and introduced Forest Whitaker as a silent warrior nearly 20 years ago, and now, rumblings of Ghost Dog 2 have started to get louder. Back in November of last year, Wu-Tang Clan rapper and producer RZA revealed that he was working on the sequel and announced that both Jarmusch and Whitaker would be returning. However, not a lot has been talked about since then, and RZA was unsure of how the project would take shape, either as a series or a big screen movie. Now, it looks like Jim Jarmusch is working on a mysterious project that begins filming in July.

Omega Underground reports that Tilda Swinton recently teased that she was going to be doing a project with director Jim Jarmusch, but she did not offer any other information on the film. The report goes on to state that the mysterious project is believed to begin filming in July and speculates that Ghost Dog 2 could be what they're working on. It should be noted that nothing has been officially confirmed as of this writing, but the timelines seem to add up.

RZA took to Twitter in November to announce that Ghost Dog 2 was in the works. According to his tweet, the sequel was already written and it looked like they were looking for a way to make it happen. The first movie was not a commercial sensation, but it is a pretty big cult classic, so getting some financial backing may have been a bit of a chore. RZA had this to say.

"Jim Jarmusch, my good buddy, and Forest Whitaker, have both signed on with me and another writer named Dallas Jackson, to executive produce another Ghost Dog. And we already have something written. So maybe Ghost Dog will make its way back to the silver screen, or small screen."

Ghost Dog may not have been a box office smash, but it has had a lasting impact over the years and was arguably a direct influence on the John Wick trilogy, which is absolutely massive. Now would be a great time to see Ghost Dog 2 hit theaters or end up on a streaming service like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. Even YouTube Red could make for a decent place to host the sequel after the breakout success of Cobra Kai. But, with Jim Jarmusch's name attached, it would seem like the big screen is the only way to go.

Jim Jarmusch's last project was the 2016 documentary on Iggy and the Stooges entitled Gimme Danger, so we're definitely in a spot to where Ghost Dog 2 could be in the works. And while nothing has been officially confirmed about the sequel moving into the production phase, we'll learn soon enough when the untitled production begins in New York next month. You can read more about the possibility of Ghost Dog 2 starting up over at Omega Underground.

Kevin Burwick