According to Advertising Age, a Ghost Rider commercial will be broadcast during the Super Bowl pre-game show, while many upcoming high-profile films will be absent from both the pre-game and the game broadcast:

Last year, when the Super Bowl aired on Walt Disney Co.'s ABC, Disney promoted "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," but it has no plans to promote the third installment in this year's telecast, instead using the high-profile event to showcase the comedy Wild Hogs and likely the computer-generated family flick Meet the Robinsons.

Other big franchise movies that are expected to dominate the box office this summer and will be absent from the game include Dreamworks' Shrek 3 and Sony's Spider-Man 3. Sony will buy a spot in the pre-game for its comic book-based Ghost Rider, which opens Feb. 16.

Super Bowl XLI will air this Sunday on CBS.