It took a while to come to theaters, but Ghost Rider is finally here. And what an awesome ride it is! The film is, of course, based on the Marvel Comics series.

Nicolas Cage plays Johnny Blaze who becomes Ghost Rider. As a teen, he was part of a stunt bike team with his father; he made a deal with the devil (Peter Fonda) to save his father - only the devil didn't fully come through with his full word. He forced Johnny to leave town, leaving his family and friends - including his love, Roxanne Simpson (played by Eva Mendes in the film).

Now, years later, Johnny is older and the devil is calling. He wants Johnny to help him take down his son, Blackheart (Wes Bentley) and his gang of evil spirits. But even though Johnny says no, Mephistopheles reminds him he made that deal with him all those years ago.

That's when Johnny is transformed into the Ghost Rider; that's when the movie kicks it into high gear. Johnny gets flaming hot - his demeanor changes, his bike becomes flaming, his whole body turns into a ball of fire, and the skin on his face peels off to reveal his flaming skull.

The Ghost Rider goes on his mission to take down Blackheart and his gang - it's five minutes of movie magic you won't want to take your eyes off the screen! Ghost Rider kicks ass and takes names.

Throughout the film, Johnny must fight this demon inside him during the day, but at night, he can't keep it inside - Ghost Rider makes his presence felt when the moon rises. Johnny also tries to rekindle the relationship with Roxanne he had as a teen; now grown up, she wants to get back with Johnny as well.

An odd individual Johnny has become over the years - taking a lassez fair attitude towards the devil; he wasn't going to let him take over his life. He drinks jelly beans out of a margarita glass, laughs at monkeys doing karate, and the most odd behavior - his favorite music group is The Carpenters and cannot get through the day or a race without listening to Karen and the boys.

Ghost Rider is a fun character to watch on screen. The special effects are out of this world! Director Mark Steven Johnson and producers worked tirelessly to get the look of the flamed comic hero perfect - even taking x-rays of Nicolas Cage's own skull to use as the prototype for the skull in the movie.

And not only is Ghost Rider looking awesome, the devil and his son's gang also proves super special effects. Blackheart and his boys are transformed when the sun goes down; it's when they get mad, their faces change to show their bones. And the first time we see Blackheart is as freaky as it is frightening - walking up on the desert sand, his face screams to the screen, scaring the audience half to death.

One negative to report, the dialogue isn't up to par with the other comic films, Eva's especially. But honestly, if you're going to a comic movie to criticize the dialogue, than you're missing what the movie is. Ghost Rider is a fun time, awesome special effects, and it'll blow your mind.

And to top that off, the music is pumping throughout - even The Carpenters! From Ozzy Osbourne to the score by Christopher Young, the music pumps you up! Ghost Rider is definitely a movie you want to see in the theaters!

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