Superhero films are hot right now, and with his appearances in both Ghost Rider and Kick-Ass, it's well known that Nic Cage likes superhero films, so it should come as no surprise that Cage has signed on to make a sequel to Ghost Rider. The news comes our way via Bloody Disgusting that Columbia is hunting for writers for the sequel and that Cage is attached to return.

The ending of the original Ghost Rider has Cage's Johnny Blaze riding away from his one true love to continue using his "curse" to fight off the minions of Mephisto and his son Blackheart, so the door was always open for a sequel. With the success of superhero movies during Summer 2008, it only seems reasonable for Columbia to try to tap in to that.

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Ghost Rider tells the story of Johnny Blaze, a stunt rider who sold his soul to the devil to try to save the life of his father. Bonded to a demonic "ghost rider", Blaze is forced to become the devil's bounty hunter. In the original film, Ghost Rider takes on Blackheart, the son of the devil, in his quest for ultimate power.

At this time, other than Nic Cage, it is unknown who would star in Ghost Rider 2, or who will direct.