Ghost Rider: According to both major trades, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson will direct Ghost Rider for Columbia Pictures.

Nicolas Cage is attached to star in the project, which will see him play the title role of a former motorcycle stuntman who agrees to let his body become host to a vengeful spirit in exchange for the safety of his true love. The price he pays is that at night he is transformed into 'Ghost Rider', a bike-riding demon with a flaming skull. As his alter ego, he avenges souls tarnished by evil.

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Shane Salerno wrote the original draft of the Columbia script, which will now be rewritten by Mark Steven Johnson, who was credited as the sole writer on Daredevil .

Marvel Entertainment's Avi Arad and Crystal Sky's Steven Paul are producing the project with Johnson's producing partner Gary Foster.

"We worked with Mark on 'Daredevil,' which grossed over $100 million," Arad said. "Mark has been a pleasure and inspiration. We trust him with our material, and it's a delight to keep him within our universe."

Ghost Rider was previously set up at Dimension Films, with David S. Goyer (Blade 2) attached to direct.