Nicolas Cage, director Brian Taylor and co-director Mark Neveldine recently wrapped filming on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in Europe and directing duo had time to speak at length about the project in ThinkHero's latest "For Your Consideration" podcast. Below are some excerpt's on what they had to say about the next Ghost Rider film.

On their vastly different take on the sequel:

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"We basically said, we want to do it, [would] absolutely love to do it, but it's gotta be 100% different from the first movie, everything, except for Nic. We want the character to look different, feel different, sound different. The backstory of the character's different, the origin of the story is expanded upon in ways that the first movie didn't hint at, at all. The location's different, the whole cast is different; the only thing that's the same is Nic...It's pretty much a reboot, only with the same actor, which makes it: a requel. Or a seboot, I can't decide which one I like better."

What attracted Brian Taylor to the project:

"The first attraction was Nic and the second was the character and just how cool it could be. [I wanted to] kinda make the Ghost Rider movie that I wished I had seen before."

Brian Taylor on the budget rumors:

"The reports of the budget of Ghost Rider have been greatly exaggerated. It's about the same as [Gamer]. We didn't have a lot of money to make this film...but we're pretty creative. It's gonna look fuckin' huge."

On the characters and when to expect the first footage from the movie:

"[Blackout's] a fun character. His powers are pretty cool, we did things with his powers that aren't in the original comic books...We're gonna do a huge splash at the Comic-Con. That's when we really want people to see what the new, evolved Ghost Rider looks like as well as the first peeks at the villains."