It has been more than thirty years since the original Ghostbusters came out and it remains an absolute and truly beloved classic. There have been tons of various versions of the movie released over the years with deleted scenes and other such content being revealed in the process. Still, there are some relics from the original Ghostbusters that remain unearthed. Well, it looks like one of those rumored relics in the form of a famous deleted scene has finally been uncovered.

The folks over at the official Ghost Corps Facebook page posted a photo yesterday, in honor of Throwback Thursday. The photo claims to show a few reels that came from director Ivan Reitman's personal collection. One of the tapes is labeled "Fort Detmerring," and some hardcore Ghostbusters fans out there may already know what that means. Yes, this appears to be the scene where Ray Stantz is seen having a sexual encounter with a ghost. Here is what Ghost Corps had to say about it.

"It's time for another #TBT vault find! These reels came from a box in Ivan's personal storage and we're pretty excited to have uncovered some unreleased scenes! #Ghostbusters"

Unfortunately, no video has been released so we can't actually see Dan Aykroyd having some frisky time with a ghost in period attire. However, since Ghost Corps is a division of Columbia headed by Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd, this appears to be very official. This "Fort Detmerring Ghost" scene is something that fans of the franchise have long been aware of, but the footage has never been made available publically. Per Wikipedia, here is a description of the famed deleted scene from Ghostbusters.

"Ray Stantz is in the Fort Detmerring Single Officers' Quarters, a painstakingly restored period room with a four poster bed, writing table and wardrobe hung with uniforms. Ray tries on an officer's uniform and models in front of a full-length mirror, striking a few heroic poses. He then tests out the bed and quickly falls asleep from exhaustion. A uniform sleeve moves slightly. A sabre in its sheath begins to tap lightly against the open doorsash. A phosphorescent light streaked out in between gaps in the clothing, casting patterns over the room. Ray's P.K.E. Meter goes off. Stantz rolled over. From inside the attire, a pink mist rose up and took on a human form. It hovered above Ray and seems to look over Ray. Ray, still asleep, rolled onto his back. The mist slithered through the curtains of the bed post and slowly descended. The ghost appears to be a beautiful young woman. She is face to face with Ray then moves down past his waist. Ray wakes up and props himself up. The ghost vanished. Ray's belt is undone and his zipper slowly opened. Ray's confusion turns to pleasure. Meanwhile, Winston Zeddemore is walking in the corridor outside smoking a cigarette. He heard voices and went up to the door. Winston asked Ray if everything was okay. Ray quickly yells, "Later, Man!!" Winston shrugged and slunk away."

There are a couple of other tapes in the shot with scenes labeled Other reels are labeled "Honeymooners" and "Bill Murray." The former probably relates to a deleted scene that has already been released publically that sees a honeymooning couple being terrorized by a ghost in a hotel room. The other tape could be just about anything, it is hard to say. Hopefully, now that these tapes have been unearthed, the scene will make its way online at some point. Since Sony's recent Ghostbusters reboot from last year didn't quite land with everyone the way the studio had hoped, seeing some new footage from the original movie would be enough to make any fan of the movie lose their minds. You can check out the Ghost Corps post for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott