Depending on your perspective, it is either a really great or a really bad time to be a Ghostbusters fan. The Paul Feig directed reboot featuring an all-female cast is nearing its release, and to say that feelings about it have been mixed is a dramatic understatement. Today is Ghostbusters Day though, and it is time to celebrate Egon, Venkman, Ray, Winston and of course, Donald Trump.

Nobody will ever try and honestly tell you that Ghostbusters II is as good as the original, but there are aspects of it that are fun to revisit. One of those aspects is Bobby Brown's "On Our Own" music video , which was made for the film. The thing is absolutely packed with celebrity cameos, but given the current presidential race the Donald Trump cameo is by far the most notable, which is interesting given that he has been outwardly against the current Ghostbusters reboot.

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"They're remaking Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford, you can't do that. And now they're making Ghostbusters with only women. What's going on?!"

The video is truly one of the most 80s things that exists and the Trump cameo is pretty much what you might expect from him. He basically walks outside of Trump Tower, with the name very clearly visible in the shot. One can almost imagine him insisting on it when he agreed to be in the video. Trump stands there, looking at the camera as if to say "Yes, I am in your music video, and it is gonna be HUGE." He then looks up at the side of the building at a confusing projection of Bobby Brown singing and dancing, which is sort of the framing device for all of the other cameos in the video.

Aside from Trump, we also get to see Superman himself Christopher Reeves riding a bicycle and looking like Lance Armstrong a little over 5 years before his horse riding injury that would leave him paralyzed. And Marky Ramone of The Ramones playing a brass instrument as part of a street band, which is confusing for so many reasons. Rick Moranis, who of course starred in Ghostbusters also shows up for a quick second in a bit that seemed like an unfortunate waste of his talents. What is perhaps most odd is that outside of the first bit of the first verse of the song and the shoehorned footage from the films, the song has virtually nothing to do with Ghostbusters at all.

Ghostbusters 2 was a success, making $215 million worldwide, though it falls shy of the $295 million that the original Ghostbusters raked in. Regardless of how the video holds up, the Trump cameo serves as in interestingly topical time capsule moment for the day, especially if he does somehow actually wind up in the White House. The new Ghostbusters comes out on July 15, and happy Ghostbusters Day, everyone.