Late last year, a rumor started to spread that Coca-Cola was reissuing Ecto Cooler to stores in anticipation of this summer's big blockbuster release Ghostbusters. Now that has been confirmed. Coca-Cola has successfully re-registered the trademark for this popular Hi-C flavor. And a sample can is already available on Ebay, which you can see in the Tweet below.

The Ghostbusters merchandising machine is already starting to rev up. We've seen new action figures and ghosts from this past weekend's Toy Fair. And director Paul Feig dropped a teaser a few days ago, promising that the full-length trailer would arrive in early March. And now, we have word that all you kids at heart will be able to once again suck on the delicious boxed beverage known as Ecto Cooler, though it looks like this time around, it will be arriving in a can. Will it still taste the same is the big question we should all be asking ourselves.

It isn't known when this reboot will launch on store shelves. Or just how readily available it will be to consumers. If you really want to get your hands on a can, you can click here. But be warned, the bid is already at a high $200 for something that will soon retail for around $1 a can.

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Ecto Cooler is arguably the most popular Hi-C flavor ever introduced on the market. It began appearing in juice boxes across america in 1987. It was a tie-in to The Real Ghost Busters animated series. But sadly, it has not been sold in over a decade. The original Ecto Cooler juice box featured an image of the iconic ghost Slimer, who was a villain in the first two movies, but became a mascot for the crew in The Real Ghost Busters animated series. Even though the show was canceled in 1991, the Ecto Cooler juice boxes continued to appear on store shelves throughout the rest of that decade. Slimer left the box in 1997. But Coca-Cola continuing manufacturing the flavor all the way up until 2001.

While the Ecto Cooler name disappeared from the juice box, the flavor actually stuck around, and was rebranded Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen. And in place of Slimer, consumers were confronted with a similar-looking blob of lips. The name didn't really catch on with fans of the original, and it was once again renamed in 2006 as Crazy Citrus Cooler. But that didn't work in their favor either, and the Ecto flavor was completely discontinued in 2007.

Ecto Cooler isn't the only thing making a comeback. Slimer himself, who is not pictured on these new cans, will reappear in the movie looking mostly like his own self. That is, if we're to believe the new Ghostbusters toys that were on display at New York Toy Fair. It's possible that this can could get an update before it actually hits store shelves timed to the release of the reboot this summer. While we wait to hear more about the return of this delicious drink, take a look at the new cans and the tweet below.

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Ecto Cooler 2
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