/ghostbusters-3-reboot-cast-jillian-bell-cecily-strong/Way back before the four leads were announced for the new all-female Ghostbusters, it was being reported that both Workaholics star Jillian Bell and current Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong were coming in to test for the reboot. Now, it's being reported that, while she didn't land a role as one of the main Ghostbusters, Cecily Strong is still wanted for a key character that was tailor-made for her specific comedy style.

Director Paul Feig and writer Katie Dippold have created this new character for Cecily Strong, which is the next biggest role outside of the core group of Ghostbusters aside from the villain. She is said to be an authority figure who secretly supports and helps fund the four heroines, though publicly she denounces their efforts and activities. She is quite vocally against them in the media, hoping to avoid panic amongst the citizens of New York when supernatural chaos breaks loose in the heart of the city.

At this time, it has not been confirmed that Cecily Strong has agreed to join the movie. It would be her first starring role in a feature film. She would be the third current member of Saturday Night Live to join the cast following Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, who will both be playing two of the four new Ghostbusters. Main lead Kristen Wiig is an SNL alum, and Melissa McCarthy has been one of the show's most popular hosts in this past decade. So it's clear that this new reboot is sticking to it's roots in that comedy sketch series, as original cast members Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd were also original SNL not-ready for prime time players. There has been no further mention of Jillian Bell joining the cast, though you can expected to hear more from her in the future, as she stole quite a few scenes from Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street, which is Sony's other big franchise. They may be saving her for the Jump Street/Men in Black crossover.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange