You've seen the photos. You've seen the footage. You've heard the first few strings of the new theme song. If you're not on board with the new Ghostbusters reboot yet, a photo and some reassuring words from one of its main stars isn't going to sway you. But if you're down to revisit the world of a haunted New York in need of rescuing, you'll surely squeal with glee at the latest image, which finds the four female Ghostbusters showing off the firepower behind their upgraded proton packs. Star Kate McKinnon also reveals that the set was filled with tears. But don't worry. These were happy, joyful tears. Not sad tears.

Kate McKinnon recently sat down with EW to discuss her character in the new Ghostbusters, which was directed by Paul Feig. In the movie, she plays scientist Jillian Holtzman. She's a nuclear engineer, and the one responsible for creating all of the cool toys that these haint-hunting ladies use to bust their ghosts. According to a recent video released by Sony Pictures, Egon Spengler actually helped her create the new proton packs, but we don't know if this is something that will be mentioned or explored in the reboot. It has long been said that the original 1984 Ghostbusters don't exist in this astral plane of existence.

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Kate McKinnon calls landing the role the biggest deal of her life, aside from joining Saturday Night Live. She goes onto describe her character. And she explains why she found Jillian Holtzman so fascinating.

"She hits close to home for me in that she's kind of on another planet. She's joyful and friendly and wants to connect, but also [she begs the question], 'What the heck are you talking about, girl?' When I was a kid I was obsessed with science and obsessed with circuit boards and taking apart electronics and learning about transistors, capacitors, and diodes. When I got on the set and it was littered with circuit boards, it felt really close to home. This is me. I'm just playing myself with cooler accessories."

Relating to the character so well, Kate McKinnon found that she was able to craft a character that fit her like a glove. Though, she admits that what you will see on screen in this new Ghostbusters was all in the script, with the occasional ad-lib thrown in.

It was very much all there in the script. All the science stuff was perfect. They created a total loon who I just loved. I added a few blips here and there but it was really fleshed out. Paul told me once it was based on me. He said that it was sort of inspired by some of my traits."

The coolest thing about Jillian Holtzman aside from her name is the awesome Ghost-Busting gadgets she gets to create. Asked which was the actress' favorite, she admits that it's the proton wand, which is constantly undergoing improvements, and always evolving. When asked about her relationship with the original 1984 Ghostbusters, she had this to say.

"I was a huge fan. I loved it. Certainly a childhood favorite. It came out the year I was born. My mom was watching it while she was giving birth to me. I came in around Act 2."

The comedian goes onto admit that there were tears the first day her and her cast mates, which include Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones, showed up in uniform for a camera test. It was apparently a very emotional moment. Explains Kate McKinnon.

"We're friggin' Ghostbusters, ya know? Ghostbusters to me are the best kind of superhero. You don't have to be born to fly or anything. You can just have some heart and some desire to do good and then you can be a Ghostbuster. And we felt just like superheroes."

There was even more crying later on during the shoot. It was a movie set filled with tears. And one crying jag at the end of production stands out as one of the comedian's favorite moments. Because it was life changing. She says this.

"When we wrapped, me and Kristen, Melissa, and Leslie all stood in a circle and cried. It had been such a life-changing experience for all of us. We got so close over the summer. It felt like the last day of camp. But the better camp, the cooler camp. When we worked there was a sense of this is a legacy that's so important and we're carrying it on. And we're so grateful we get to do that. And we had the greatest time together and spent so many hours together and just got really, really close."

If ghosts really did descend upon New York, Kate says she would first try to reason with them. Talk to them. Find out what was bumming them out. She would try to fix them psychologically. If that failed, she'd definitely send in Leslie Jones to control the situation. Why? "Because she's got it in her to fight." You can see the ladies suited up and showing off their fire power in the latest image included here.

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