The new Ghostbusters trailer has not fared as well on the official Sony Youtube Channel as the studio had hoped. The teaser has gotten 192,590 up votes compared to 454,844 down votes, with the majority of fans hating this new iteration of the classic franchise. Though, the all-female cast sounds like the least of its problems. A Reddit user claims to have seen the movie, and their review makes it sound pretty dire. Will it be a bomb? Perhaps. But we're holding out hope that it's at least funny. That may not be the case, if we're to believe this advanced critique. And there are some spoilers included here that are sure to make most fans groan loudly.

First and foremost, it sounds like Slimer is getting a girlfriend. This gluttonous green blob will look just like the franchise's most iconic ghost, though it has long brown hair. And apparently, the end of the movie uses another classic character to set up a sequel. While Zuul is nowhere to be seen in this first movie, the demigod and Gatekeeper/minion of Gozer gets a quick shout out right before credits roll. Indicating that a Ghostbusters 2 is already on the minds of Sony Pictures. But there's a big chance that this Ghostbusters remake could pull a Fantastic Four and do a massive box office belly flop.

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The Reddit review has not yet been verified. The critic claims to work in post-production, and reveals that they were treated to an advanced screening. They lay out the entire movie, giving away the movie's best jokes. If you dare, you can read the entire thing here. The post runs down the entire cameo list. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and Ernie Hudson all return in some capacity, but not as their original characters, as this all takes place in a different universe than the original 1984 classic.

Ernie Hudson is revealed to be Leslie Jones's Uncle. He works at a funeral home, and supplies the girls with their Ecto-1 hearse. Though he doesn't show up until the very end of the movie. As previously rumored, Bill Murray is playing a skeptic who goes up against the girls trying to prove they are fakes. Dan Aykroyd is a cab driver who refuses to drive the girls into NYC during the big end scene. Annie Potts plays a hotel lobby clerk who recites one of her most iconic lines. And Sigourney Weaver returns as a mentor to Kate McKinnon's character. Altogether, none of them are in the movie for more than a few minutes, and none of them are seen together.

While you've seen the classic Ghostbusters firehouse in the trailer, this does not become Ghostbusters headquarters. You'll also notice that the girls hang out in a Chinese Restaurant. This actually becomes their new base of operations when they discover that it costs 21 thousand a month to rent out the firehouse.

The iconic Ghost in the No Ghosts logo was previously confirmed to be the main villain in the movie. His name is Rowan, and apparently he starts off as a human. He is on a mission to release all the tormented souls that the Ghostbusters have locked up, and dies in the process. He returns as a ghost to possess both Melissa McCarthy and Chris Hemsworth as seen in the two trailers that have been released. After possessing Chris Hemsworth, he takes over NYC using his new ghost army. When the girls finally release Rowan from Kevin's body, he asks, 'What form do you choose?' As suspected, The Ghostbusters pay homage to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, only this time it's Leslie Jones who conjures the No Ghosts logo to life. There is no mention of Zuul or Gozer up until this point in the movie. This transformation happens without any real explanation. And it's during the Ghostbusters' fight with Rowan's giant form that Slimer and his Slimer girlfriend decided to hijack the Ecto-1. This all leads to the rousing climax, which the review goes onto call 'stupid'.

The Reddit review really dives deep into the movie. Some are calling it out as fake, but it was written before the International Trailer hit, and includes a lot of the stuff seen in that footage. Would someone really make all this up? Probably. So take these spoilers with a grain of salt. Perhaps what we're getting will be a lot better when it actually hits the screen this summer. Perhaps this post-production minion just isn't a fan of Paul Feig's comedy. A lot of people are, so perhaps there's still some hope left.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange