If busting makes you feel good, then you'll be plenty excited to learn that the new Ghostbusters is getting both a full-length soundtrack and score release. We have the cover art for both of these records. The score is coming July 8, while the soundtrack hits July 15 in conjunction with the supernatural comedy arriving in theaters this summer. While the full track and artist list has not yet been announced for the soundtrack, we do have a full track list for the score. And boy does it deliver some mild spoilers!

First up, while we can't tell you the entire song list for the new Ghostbusters soundtrack, we can tell you that the classic theme song is getting a cover from Fall Out Boy. They will be joined by a guest appearance from Missy Elliot. The lead single off this record is actually a new 'girl power' ballad from Elle King titled Good Girls. In the next week or so, we should find out who else has contributed songs to the movie.

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Composer Theodore Shapiro is handling the score for Ghostbusters. And we have cool new cover art that finds the four main ghost hunters standing on a rooftop in downtown New York City. Their proton packs charged and ready to go, they watch as a supernatural portal opens up above them, crackling with green electricity. It's perhaps one of the most striking images we've seen from the movie thus far. And from the track list, it sounds like these girls are going to be jumping in at some point.

The interesting thing about the score track list is that it seems to confirm an early review that emerged on Reddit. The movie will open with a track titled 'The Aldrige Mansion' followed by 'The Garret Attack'. This is all footage we've seen in the trailers, which finds Kristen Wiig's Erin Gilbert barfed on by a scary ghost madame. Track number 3 is titled 'Never Invited' and it is followed by Track 4, 'Distinct Human Form'. These tracks indicate that Gilbert and her partner Abby Yates will be trying to confirm the existence of ghosts.

Track 5 is titled 'The Universe Shall Bend', and likely introduces new villain Rowan in human form as played by Neil Casey. Track 6, titled 'Subway Ghost Attack' introduces toll booth guard Patty Tolan, played by Leslie Jones, and serves as the catalyst for her eventually joining the team. Track 7, 'Ghost Girl', hints at another interaction with an apparition, possibly the female version of Slimer that we've been hearing about, and track 8, 'Mannequins' is for a scene we saw in one of the most recent international trailers, which finds Patty running scared from an animated store mannequin that gives chase. This is followed by track 9, 'Ghost in a Box', which surely alludes to the girls' first capture of an actual ghost.

Track 10 is important in that it probably gives us the name of Bill Murray's character 'Dr. Heiss' who doesn't believe in ghosts and deems the Ghostbusters as frauds. Track 11, 'Ley Lines' and Track 12, 'Pester the Living', don't tell us too much about the story. But track 13, titled 'I Will Lead Then All', marks the turning point in the movie when Rowan rises to amass his army of ghosts. This leads into the possession scenes we've seen in the trailers and other footage, which first finds Melissa McCarthy's Abby Yates taken over by Rowan. The ghost menace is slapped out of her by Patty and soon takes up residency in the body of secretary Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth.

Track 15, 'The Fourth Cataclysm', finds Rowan unleashing an army of the undead, and with track 16, titled 'Balloon Parade', we will see these haints, haunts and specters overtaking New York City, with the Ghostbusters called in to stop the destruction of our world. Track 17 promises the 'Battle of Times Square', which we've also seen in the trailers released thus far. The girls will go to war against the ghosts in an epic street fight that eventually leads to the reveal of the big bad at the center of this climax.

Track 18 has the Ghostbuster girls trying to communicate with Rowan as they are seen 'Entering the Mercado'. In a scene remincesent of the original 1984 Ghostbusters, the girls are asked to choose its form. Thus, Rowan appears as a towering version of the ghost from the iconic no ghosts logo. He is introduced by track 19, 'Behemoth'. After defeating Rowan's giant avatar, track 20 teases that Abby, Erin and the girls go 'Into the Portal'. And it's obvious that they all save the day. As the finale, track 21, is titled 'NY Heart GB'. And there you have it, the best outline of the movie thus far.

Ghostbusters will be in theaters July 15. You can currently pre-order the score on Amazon as well as the soundtrack. While the score is only available on CD, the soundtrack is promised on Vinyl and audio cassette tape as well. But we believe this is an oversight on Amazon's part, and is meant to point to the 1984 original soundtrack. We'll have to wait until an update is made to find out whether or not the new songs will be available on any other format as currently listed.

In Ghostbusters, Erin Gilbert (Wiig) and Abby Yates (McCarthy) are a pair of unheralded authors who write a book positing that ghosts are real. A few years later Gilbert lands a prestigious teaching position at Columbia University, but her book resurfaces and she is laughed out of academia. Gilbert reunites with Yates and others when ghosts invade Manhattan and she and her team have to save the world. Here's the cover art for both the soundtrack and score.

Ghostbusters Score Cover Art
Ghostbusters Soundtrack Cover Art
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