We'd like to say it's a great time to be a Ghostbusters fan, but a lot of you would disagree. Even though those who loved the 1984 original have done nothing but dump hate on this new iteration of the classic franchise, that hasn't stopped Sony from moving forward with their marketing and merchandise campaign. Though believe it or not, some consumers have complained about a lack of toys in stores, with the studio not fulfilling the demand. That won't happen with the soundtrack, as it be readily available when it drops next month. Today, we finally have a clear picture of what exactly will be included.

Earlier today, we saw all four of the new Ghostbusters grace the cover of EW's latest issue. Now, we also get a new international poster that once again includes Chris Hemsworth as Kevin. This time, though, we also get to see Slimer making his triumphant big screen return. As noted in previous stories about this reboot, the overseas marketing is relying heavily on Hemsworth to sell this horror comedy, proving misogyny doesn't just run rampant amongst American fans.

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Earlier in the week, pre-order info for both the new Ghostbusters score and soundtrack was released. At the time, we got a full track listing for the score, which arrives courtesy of Composer Theodore Shapiro. These tracks actually hint at various plot points, and pretty much give away the entire movie. They also hint that the new Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is a Parade Float that has been brought to life, which would account for his current appearance, which many fans have complained about. The new track list for the soundtrack doesn't offer any more hints about the story that will unfold. But it does promise that we may be sick of the Ghostbusters theme by the time it reaches the end of the record.

Yes, that's right. There are, what appear to be, 4 different versions of the iconic Ghostbusters theme song included on the album. This includes the original by Ray Parker Jr., which has been, in court, declared a ripoff of Huey Lewis' I Want a New Drug and Heart of Rock & Roll. So old Huey might be making some well earned cash on this release without being directly involved. Though, not having Huey Lewis come in and do a cover is surely an opportunity missed!

The soundtrack opens with a cover of the Ghostbusters theme from WALK THE MOON. It is followed by the G-Eazy song 'Saw It Coming', which features Jeremih. The third track is the new lead single off the album. Titled 'Good Girls', it is a girl power ballad from rocker Elle King. Hot boy band of the moment 5 Seconds of Summer deliver the new track 'Girls Talk Boys', insuring that young teens will want to pick up the release. Then we get track 5 titled 'Who' by ZAYN.

Only 6 songs in, we're treated to the second cover of Ghostbusters which arrives from a' cappella group Pentatonix. Wolf Alice get track 7 with the song Ghoster. With only that supernatural diddy to separate them, we get what is the new 'official' Ghostbusters theme song, with Fall Out Boy doing the honors. This version will be a little bit different, and follows what Ghostbusters 2 did with their Run DMC cover, which allowed the famed rap group to introduce new lyrics. On FOB's take titled 'Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid)', Missy Elliott will be spitting some new rhymes over Ray Parker Jr.'s purloined riffs.

The ghost-themed songs don't stop there, though. Track 9 is titled 'Get Ghost', and arrives from Mark Ronson, Passion Pit & A$AP Ferg. DMX gets to make a little extra scratch, with his classic 'Party Up (Up in Here) making the cut. And another classic, DeBarge's 'Rhythm of the Night' is resurrected from the graveyard of one hit wonders. Muddy Magnolias turn in a new cover of 'American Woman', while Beasts Of Mayhem get unlucky track 13 with 'Want Some More'. This epic soundtrack comes to its rousing conclusion with Ray Parker, Jr. singing his classic 'Ghostbusters' theme, though we're not sure if he re-recorded the song, or if this is the original as released back in 1984.

We're pretty sure every aspect of Ghostbusters 2016 will be met with some sort of distain. And it feels like overkill to include the theme song on the official record four times, even if a few of the versions come with slight variations to their lyrics and overall presentation. You can take a look at the new poster, which brings Slimer out of hiding, right here. Hopefully the movie comes out and surprises everyone to be a big hit. If not, it might be a quick trip back to the drawing board for Sony, which could mean it will be another 30 years before we get to see a new sequel or reboot. In the immortal words of Mr. Mike Patton, 'Enjoy it while you can!'

Ghostbusters 2016 international poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange