Most People didn't like the first Ghostbusters trailer that arrived back in March. So much so, Sony Pictures reportedly went into crisis mode. The cast was scarce, with the exception of Melissa McCarthy saying she was confused by the opening of the first sneak peek that made it sound like the reboot was a sequel. Which it's not. And after a loud Twitter tirade, co-star Leslie Jones deleted her account. While director Paul Feig recently went on the record to call out Internet bullies, we never really got to hear his take on having the most hated trailer of all time according to Youtube. But now, shortly after the release of the official second trailer, Feig is opening up about his feelings. And basically, he believes that first trailer took the movie out of context.

Paul Feig spoke with about all the Internet haters. He believes that many are still eager to see this new version of the classic franchise which kicked off back in 1984. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones take over in the lead roles, headlining a mostly female cast. The girls will be powering up their proton packs on July 15, a date some longtime fans are truly dreading. But Feig doesn't think the movie should be based solely on its trailer, and hopes that those harboring any ill will towards the remake give it a chance. Though, he does admit, no one is holding a gun to anyone's head. If you don't like what you see now, then stay away. He explains.

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"You get your first bite of the apple watching a trailer. Everyone has a million different ideas of what this movie is going to be. I think a lot of people thought we were going to take the original script and just flip it, so that Melissa's going to be Venkman, and Kate's going to be Ray Stantz! And you're like, 'Well, no, we would never do that.' Nobody knows what you're doing, so it could be anything. ... For us, we just needed to plant a flag and go, 'Here's kind of how some of the stuff in the movie is!' ... My movies, for some reason, are really hard to do trailers for, because my comedy all comes from context, really. I'm not the guy who's like joke-joke-joke, and here's a one-liner one-liner one-liner. I do have those, but you have to get to know the characters, you have to settle in with them to get to know their personalities, saying, 'Oh, that's funny because that character doesn't normally do this.' ... That said, I liked what the first trailer was, and we're going to have the new trailer that we're putting together now that I'm really excited about, too, which shows a little more of the scope. ... But people are always going to react the way they're going to react, and that's the joy and the terribleness of the Internet."

Paul Feig goes onto directly address the fact that the Ghostbusters reboot trailer has become the most hated in Youtube history. Feig points to the fact that so many people have actually even watched the trailer, which he sees as a good thing. He goes onto say this about the Internet bullies who continue to trash his movie in comment sections and on social media sites.

"Fellas, we have over 60 million hits. So let's put it in context a little bit. All I can ask is, people, either give us a chance, or you don't have to see it. I'm really proud of it. I think it's fun. I'm so proud of my cast. I think the cast is so good, and they can stand in the footsteps of who came before, because they're such funny people but they're different. That's all you really want out of a comedy at the end of the day, is something different and new, and to just see great people do it."

Even with the new trailer arriving today, some people are calling the one-liners, especially those delivered by Melissa McCarthy, tired and old. The movie seems quite stale in some people's eyes. And it doesn't seem to be the scary horror comedy that was promised. About pulling his cast together, and making it all women, Feig had this to say.

"My only criteria is...Who's hilarious? Who just makes me laugh so hard that I cry? And then: Who's a really good actor? To me, it was this cast. Because everybody's got a completely different comedic sensibility, and yet they all have the same sensibility, which is something that's funny that still feels real."

When the latest issue of Famous Monsters hits newsstands, fans will be treated to more of Paul Feig's interview. He goes onto talk about incorporating the high-profile cameos from the original cast. He also address how important improv was on set. And he explains the delicate approach to the special effects, especially from a practical standpoint. The verdict is still out on the most recent trailer. But you can watch it below, along with the one from last March. We also have a cool picture of Feig standing in front of the Ecto-1. And while he's giving the thumbs up, we can see it deep in his eyes. He's actually slyly giving some of you the finger.

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