Dan Aykroyd has finally confirmed what we all suspected for months. The original surviving Ghostbusters cast is returning for Ghostbusters 2020. Production on the long-awaited sequel wrapped last month and we've been waiting for an update after Bill Murray was spotted having drinks with his co-starts at a hotel bar near the set. Now, we know for sure that Murray will be joining the rest of his castmates, though we don't know how big his role will be in the sequel.

The news was revealed during a recent interview with Dan Aykroyd. The actor confirmed that Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, and Annie Potts each completed their work on Ghostbusters 2020. Strangely, he left out Ernie Hudson, but he already confirmed his involvement earlier this year. Aykroyd had this to say about Jason Reitman's story.

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"Jason Reitman wrote a beautiful, heartfelt script that takes the real DNA from the first two movies and transfers that directly to the third, the next generation. It hands the legacy off to a new generation of stars, and players, and actors, and characters."

It's nice to finally have official confirmation that Bill Murray has joined Ghostbusters 2020. Sigourney Weaver had said before she was reuniting with the team, but did not say who that would be specifically. Murray himself said he was open to returning after revealing how much the franchise means to him and how much it changed his life. But, he played coy when asked if that was actual confirmation or not. Jason Reitman has also kept his mouth shut about the situation and might not appreciate Dan Aykroyd revealing the reunion.

While the news is certainly great to hear for Ghostbusters fans, we're all still waiting to hear if Rick Moranis will be back as Louis Tully. Tully is the accountant who lived down the hall from Sigourney Weaver's Dana Barrett. He later became the Ghostbusters' accountant. Moranis has taken a pretty long break from acting on the big screen and famously turned down an offer to appear in the female-led Ghostbusters in 2016. "I hope it's terrific. But it just makes no sense to me. Why would I do just one day of shooting on something I did 30 years ago?" asked the actor.

Rick Moranis more than likely feels the same way about Ghostbusters 2020, but Jason Reitman and crew may have been able to persuade him. We really won't know until the movie hits theaters, or unless Dan Aykroyd lets us know ahead of time. The actor is open to starring in projects, just as long as they sound interesting to him, which the 2016 version of the franchise apparently did not. Whatever the case may be, Ghostbusters fans are hoping that he had a change of heart for the upcoming sequel. The interview with Dan Aykroyd was originally conducted by the Greg Hill Show.

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