Ghostbusters: Afterlife has revealed a brand new poster and some new plot details ahead of the launch of the upcoming sequel's first trailer. In the poster, the Ecto-1 can be seen racing towards a dark storm with the Summer 2020 release date featured on the bottom of the image. Also confirmed in the caption of the tweet is the official release date for the trailer, which will launching on Monday, Dec. 9. You can take a look at the announcement and poster below.

Though Ghostbusters: Afterlife is set in the same universe as the original Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, it will introduce a new family into the story with an all new cast. This includes Carrie Coon (The Leftovers) as the mom, Callie, with Mckenna Grace (I, Tonya) as her science-obsessed daughter Phoebe and Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) as her gearhead son Trevor. The story we'll begin to see unfold in the Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer begins with Phoebe and her family moving in to a small Oklahoma town after inheriting the property from the father she didn't know. As the family discovers their connection to the real Ghostbusters, the children learn who their grandfather was and "whether they're ready to pick up the proton pack themselves."

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Some sneak peek photos from Ghostbusters: Afterlife have also been revealed, with one image showing Trevor finding the old Ecto-1 stowed away in a dirty barn. He soon gets it up and running as revealed in another photo, showing the familiar vehicle cruising through a field. Meanwhile, Phoebe and a classmate (Logan Kim) ignore posted warning signs to sneak towards the entrance of a nearby abandoned mine. Additionally, yet another photo reveals Paul Rudd in character as Mr. Grooberson, a summer school teacher obsessed with the Ghostbusters and has somehow gotten ahold of an actual ghost trap.

Jason Reitman directs Ghostbusters: Afterlife using a screenplay co-written by Reitman and Gil Kenan. A bulk of returning cast members will also be appearing in the movie, which includes Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, and Annie Potts. Sadly, Harold Ramis passed away in 2014, though Aykroyd has suggested the movie will still be acknowledging his character in a big way. It's also unlikely Rick Moranis will reprise his role from the first two movies for Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Also included alongside Coon, Grace, Wolfhard, Kim, and Rudd in the new cast are Oliver Cooper, Bokeem Woodbine, and Celeste O'Connor.

The Ghostbusters will be back in action soon enough, as Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be released in theaters on July 10, 2020. Be sure to check back on Monday, Dec. 9, for the launch of the official trailer. With the anticipated sequel just over half a year away, we're closer than ever to finally getting a big screen continuation of the original movies. Let's all just hope the wait will have been worth it - at the very least, let's just hope it is a bigger hit with fans than the Paul Feig reboot we were given in 2016. This news comes to us from Vanity Fair.

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