Jason Reitman is reportedly meeting with potential lead actors and actresses for Ghostbusters 3. According to previous casting reports, Reitman is looking to cast four teenagers in the lead roles for the highly anticipated sequel, which seems to be the case at this time. Fans have been waiting since the release of 1989's Ghostbusters 2 for a sequel, which is 30 years now, if you're keeping score. However, there are doubts that the original cast will show up for more than just a cameo role this time around.

According to sources, Jason Reitman is meeting with young actors this weekend to star in Ghostbusters 3. It appears that Reitman is also looking for brother and sister combos in the 12 - 17 age range. All of this information seems to confirm that previous character descriptions were accurate. We may be seeing a new young cast take the reins for the Ghostbusters franchise from here on out, which may come off as a disappointment for long-time fans who were hoping that this was going to be a traditional sequel.

With the death of Harold Ramis in 2014, a real Ghostbusters sequel seemed like it was impossible. However, Dan Aykroyd has been teasing Ghostbusters 3 for quite a while now, noting that he and Ernie Hudson would be in the project and that Bill Murray would be involved, possibly as a ghost. Murray has been the holdout ever since the last movie came out in 1989 and often refused to read sequel scripts that came through over the years. With that being said, fans are really hoping that he'll sign on to at the very least help pass the torch.

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Jason Reitman recently came under fire for seemingly piling on to 2016's all-female Ghostbusters movie, which had the original cast back for cameos. The movie was never really given a chance for a number of reasons and it was torched by critics and fans of the original movies. Reitman has since clarified his comments and declares that he loves the 2016 movie and has nothing but respect for all involved in the project. Reitman said, "They expanded the universe and made an amazing movie!"

Ghostbusters 3 might not end up being what the fans want either. With that being said, Jason Reitman is pretty happy with the story and believes that long-time fans are going to enjoy his idea. For now, not a lot of fans are too happy to hear that the movie is going to star four young teenagers, especially since there has not been an official announcement pertaining to any of the original cast returning. Should they just return for cameos, Ghostbusters 3 could get trashed just as much as the 2016 all-female reboot. With casting now underway, we should get some answers sooner, rather than later. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to reveal the Ghostbusters 3 casting news.

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