Back in October, we reported the unfortunate news that Ghostbusters 3 has been delayed yet again, since Sony still hasn't given a green light for this highly-anticipated sequel. One of the story lines that has been rumored throughout the years has the Ghostbusters going to hell. Writer-actor Dan Aykroyd revealed that there will have to be one or two more sequels after Ghostbusters 3 to tackle this plot.

"Man-hell-ttan, and the Ghostbusters in hell, would be so solid, but we gotta get maybe one or two made before that. But, oh, wow... I wrote that with Tom Davis, my writing partner, recently deceased, who wrote Coneheads with me and stuff on Saturday Night Live. There's classic Tom Davis lines and funny stuff in there, really it's probably the most humorous of all the Ghostbusters scripts that have generated in that last little while. But we'll put the humor into this next one. It's gotta be funny, or it's not worth doing. It can be scary, it can be Ghostbusters, it can be the new franchise, the new people, but if it's not funny ... Wait a minute, it started as a comedy. Let's make sure there's laughs and no laugh unturned and that we really make that our priority, to make it funny and exciting, but mainly funny."
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The project has had quite the tumultuous history, with The Office scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg writing a screenplay that Bill Murray reportedly hated. We reported in July that Etan Cohen is the latest to tackle the script. However, despite being the project's biggest cheerleader, Dan Aykroyd revealed he will walk away if Sony doesn't make a move soon.

"Now, this would add quite a bump to Sony's bottom line, quite a bump. If they make this movie, in its current shape, they would be looking at a pretty hefty, nine-figure return. And so I'm hoping they get on to move it, but if they don't, I have multiple trains. I've got tracks six, seven, and nine, and that's four. I'll be moving on to other things, as will Ivan, by the way. We can't wait forever. And now's the time to tell the picture company, and I'd say this quite publicly, it's time now to sit down and make this movie, or you will lose your main principals, and you won't be able to make it without us, because we have rights, and now is time to make the movie..."

Of course, even if the movie does eventually happen, it will be without Bill Murray, who left the project in August. However, Dan Aykroyd did say there is an opening in the script, if the actor has a change of heart.