Ghostbusters 3 director Jason Reitman has confirmed McKenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, and Carrie Coon will star in the long-awaited sequel. This seemingly confirms that Reitman is making a Ghostbusters movie starring kids, which may come as a disappointment to some fans, who were hoping that the original cast was going to return and take on the lead roles. However, that was probably never actually going to happen. The best we can hope for are some awesome cameos from Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Dan Aykroyd.

It is believed Carrie Coon will play a single mother to McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard's characters. Previous casting information revealed that Ghostbusters 3 will be led by a group of four young teenagers and Grace will reportedly be the lead. Jason Reitman tweeted out a picture of three actors with a caption that says, "Meet the Family." This will more than likely be the main family that was previously talked about in casting reports pertaining to the sequel, which means that we still have two more teenage actors to go.

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While not confirmed, Carrie Coon could be playing the daughter of one of the original Ghostbusters, which would be a cool connection. However, that is just speculation at this time. As for how Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard get wrapped up in supernatural situations, that is unclear. Story details are being kept under wraps for the time being. But, having a Ghostbuster for a grandfather would certainly be a good start for the young new crew. As for cameos from the original cast, Dan Aykroyd has heavily hinted at it over the last year and practically spoiled the announcement of Jason Reitman's Ghostbusters 3.

McKenna Grace can currently be seen on the big screen as the young Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel and is playing the part of Judy Warren in the Conjuring universe's Annabelle Comes Home. Finn Wolfhard stars in Netflix's Stranger Things, where he coincidentally dressed as a Ghostbuster in Season 2. The young actor broke out with his role in Andres Muschietti's big screen adaptation of Stephen King's IT and has Stranger Things Season 3 on the way. As for Carrie Coon, the star of The Leftovers was last seen in Infinity War as Proxima Midnight along with Kin and Widows.

Ghostbusters 3 hits theaters on July 10th, 2020, which should give the sequel some time to dominate the box office. Sony's Morbius the Living Vampire doesn't open in theaters until July 31st, so there will be plenty of room for the supernatural at the beginning of the month. It's believed that the sequel will begin production this summer, which means that we should get some more details and set photos soon. Jason Reitman has a lot of pressure to deliver something that fans of all ages will enjoy, which is easier said than done. You can check out the official Ghostbusters 3 casting announcement below, thanks to Jason Reitman's Twitter account.