After years of setbacks and delays, Sony Pictures is finally moving forward on a new Ghostbusters reboot, which will feature an all-female cast directed by Paul Feig. Our report from last week revealed that this new version will not tie in to the original franchise, which could, ironically, pave the way for original Ghostbusters star Bill Murray to return in a much smaller role.

During an interview with Variety, Bill Murray said he would consider doing another Ghostbusters if the "idea felt fresh." The Heat screenwriter Katie Dippold is currently working on the script with director Paul Feig, but Bill Murray hinted that their script would have to surpass the original, written by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd.

"Those guys, Danny and Harold [Ramis], were at the top of their game. They were burning nitro at that moment. Unless you have a really clear vision, you're always trying to recreate that."

Even if the reports that this all-female Ghostbusters isn't connected to the first two movies is true, Variety's sources claim that Sony would "jump at the chance" to sign him on for either a cameo or small supporting role. It's possible that this reboot will open the door for Bill Murray to play a completely new character. The actor added that the studio gets too over-zealous about the franchise.

"The studio gets really crazy about it. What they really want to do is resurrect a franchise. The first one was a spectacular movie, one of the greatest movies. The second one was... It had some moves. It had a few good scenes in it."

He also added that the script Dan Aykroyd recently wrote was too far out there.

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"I read one that Danny (Aykroyd) wrote that was crazy bizarre and too crazy to comprehend."

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 director Ivan Reitman, who was on board to direct this sequel for several years before bowing out this March, recalled that Bill Murray wasn't at the right place in his career to return.

It was clear he just didn't want to engage. His head was in a whole different place as an actor. He wanted to do smaller roles where he didn't have to take on the weight of the lead."

Dan Aykroyd also recalled a similar conversation he had with Bill Murray.

"He said to me, 'I've done the character.' I totally understand. The studio knew in their hearts that without Murray there may be nothing there. Plus, Ghostbusters needs a shot of youth. It's got to be handed to the new generation."

While Bill Murray did hint at possibly returning for the new Ghostbusters, he also admitted that his upcoming stretch of movies, including St. Vincent, Rock the Kasbah and the Untitled Cameron Crowe Project, may be good enough that he won't have to consider Ghostbusters.

"I've got like three in a row that could be really great. I could be sitting in a different chair in a year. If all three of these are as good as I think they are, it could be easy. I won't have to think about Ghostbusters all the time."

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