It seems that Sony is considering quite a few options when it comes to casting their Ghostbusters reboot. Not only is Melissa McCarthy in early talks to take the lead, director Paul Feig will soon have meetings with two other young up and coming comedians. Both Jillian Bell and Cecily Strong are being considered for roles in this all-female reinvention of the popular franchise.

Jillian Bell is best known as Jillian on the hugely popular Comedy Central sitcom Workaholics, and she garnered quite a bit of attention for her co-starring role in Sony's summer sequel 22 Jump Street, where she proved to be quite a match for Jonah Hill. Cecily Strong has become one of the strongest members of Saturday Night Live's current cast, and appears in quite a few sketches during every show. Ghostbusters would be her first major role in a big budget movie. She does have two indies coming out later this year, with Bad Summer and The Bronze both completed.

Neither actor has been offered a role in Ghostbusters. In fact, no one has just yet, including Melissa McCarthy. While Sony wants the actress and frequent Paul Feig collaborator to be their lynchpin in restarting this long-dorment series, she has quite a few obstacles to overcome before hand. Scheduling around her CBS sitcom Mike & Molly is proving to be a problem, and she already has the comedy Michelle Darnell lined-up for early this year. Her plan is to shoot Michelle Darnell in mid-March, then jump right into Ghostbusters sometime in June. That may not work either, though, as she needs to schedule a number of production and creative meetings before shooting starts.

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Sony is looking at a number of options in case Melissa McCarthy doesn't work out. Also being eyed for the project are Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. Rebel Wilson has met with producer and director of the original, Ivan Reitman, and is still a possibility. And Ryan Gosling is rumored for the only main male role in the movie.

Cecily Strong joining the reboot would be a nice nod to the franchise's SNL roots. While Jillian Bell has a huge fan base rooting for her inclusion. What do you think? Are either of these two women right for Ghostbusters?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange