Anyone closely following the evolution of Ghostbusters 3 knows that it will now be a reboot following a team of female spirit hunters who live in a world where the original Ghostbusters never existed. They will also know that Melissa McCarthy has long been expected to take on one of the roles in this complete reinvention of the franchise from director Paul Feig. Today, THR confirms that the comedian is in early talks for the lead.

The deal isn't done just yet, as there are quite a few scheduling issues that need to be worked out before Melissa McCarthy can reteam with her Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy director for their fourth film together. The actress has a very complicated schedule due to her CBS TV sitcom Mike & Molly, which many may be surprised to learn is still on the air. That is added to the fact that she also has a number of other movies already lined up. This includes the comedy Michelle Darnell which will reteam her with real-life husband and director of this past summer's Tammy, Ben Falcone.

Sources say that Melissa McCarthy is aiming to shoot Michelle Darnell in mid-March, so that she can directly jump into Ghostbusters sometime in June. Though, there is a chance this schedule will not work out. At this time, a variety of creative meetings will need to take place when and if Melissa McCarthy decides she can sign on, which could cause a whole other problem.

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It was previously reported during the Sony Hack leaks that Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone were wanted as the two leads of the Ghostbusters reboot, and that both actresses were game to sign on. Though nothing had been made official. Rebel Wilson also recently revealed that she has met with producer and director of the original, Ivan Reitman, about the project. It has also been rumored that Ryan Gosling wanted to take on the only main male role in the movie. While sources confirm that Emma Stone is available for the project in June, Melissa McCarthy will serve as the lead, or 'lynchpin', and it all depends on her availability at this point.

Right now, no official offer has been made to Melissa McCarthy. But Sony has acknowledged that discussions are strong. The studio is also compiling a list of backup names in case the comedian cannot work out her schedule. Who do you want to see headline this new version of Ghostbusters?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange