Back in January, Sony Pictures handed out a July 22, 2016 release date to their highly-anticipated Ghostbusters remake, with an all-female cast including Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. In February, Tom Rothman took over as chairman of Sony Pictures from the departing Amy Pascal, who has transitioned into producing. In just a few short months, Tom Rothman has already manage to cut and tighten the Ghostbusters budget by an estimated $15 million.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Amy Pascal gave the green light for the project with an estimated $169 million budget, which includes "rich deals for talent" including $14 million for Melissa McCarthy and over $10 million for director Paul Feig. While sources say Tom Rothman couldn't reduce those fees, Paul Feig did make revisions to the script, bringing the price tag down from $169 million to $154 million, just above Tom Rothman's target budget of $150 million.

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The original 1984 classic Ghostbusters was produced for just $30 million, going on to gross over $240 million during its theatrical run. Of course, a $154 million budget is practically the norm in today's cinematic climate, especially considering the special effects needed to bring these new ghosts to life. Director Paul Feig has said in the past that he hopes to not only reboot the franchise, but make it more of a true horror movie as well. With a summer 2016 release date already in place, production will probably begin fairly soon, but an exact shooting date has not been given.

It's also worth noting that Sony is developing yet another Ghostbusters movie, which reportedly has Channing Tatum attached to star. If the first reboot is a success, it could lead to a whole new franchise that could even cross over with Channing Tatum's project, but that has not been confirmed. Do you think a $154 million budget is too high for Ghostbusters? Or are you looking forward to seeing what Paul Feig can do with such a big budget? Let us know what you think below.