The all-female Ghostbusters planned for 2016 continues to rile up the franchise's fan base. A lot of folks just don't like what Paul Feig has planned for this true reboot, which takes place in a different realm of reality than the original 1984 Ghostbusters. It will be a lot scarier than the first two movies, and it is an origin story of sorts. But don't worry just yet, Paul Feig does have some good news. In his latest interview about the project, he does confirm the movie will stay in New York City, and will shoot on location. It will also contain some references to the original comedy classic, not completely discounting its existence. Says Feig:

"To me it's such a New York movie and the biggest sin would be to pull it out of there. I just love New York and, selfishly, I just want to shoot in New York."

One of the biggest complaints fans have about this new iteration of the series is the fact that Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddmore simply do not exist in this universe. That said, Paul Feig does have a few things planned for those of us who wanted a straight sequel to the original two movies:

"We're not recreating the old movie, but we want to do just enough fun nods that the fans will go, 'Oh, okay, they're acknowledging that the other movie existed.' I like to watch parodies, but I don't want to do them because they're too referential. Comedy that's too referential has such a short shelf life, whereas comedy that's based around characters will be relatable 2000 years from now because people won't change that much."

A lot of fans have asked, 'Why make Ghostbusters if you're not going to bring back the original cast?' Feig has an answer for them. You can decide for yourself if you agree or not:

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"A lot of people ask why I didn't create my own thing, but Ghostbusters never ran out of steam, it's such a great idea, It's such a fun franchise so why not bring it to a new generation? The old movie is never going to not exist. It's not my plan to erase every copy! Hopefully they can all live together."

At this time, Sony has not announced any official cast members. Melissa McCarthy is wanted in the lead, but has not officially been offered the role. The original report claimed that she had a number of scheduling issues to work out, but she revealed on Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few days later that her calendar was officially clear. Also up for roles are Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Rebel Wilson, Cecily Strong and Jillian Bell. Ryan Gosling is rumored to want the only main male role currently in the screenplay.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange