The Ghostbusters 3 working title has been revealed and it may have something to do with the teaser that was recently released. Ghostbusters fans have been ecstatic over the news that Jason Reitman is making a direct sequel to the first two installments and the hunt for clues has already started. We have yet to receive any official word on the story, other than the fact that it will take place within the same universe as the iconic first two chapters.

The working title for Ghostbusters 3 is Rust City. Upon first glance, it looks like a typical working title that has nothing to do with the movie itself. However, when looking closer, the title may have been chosen because of the way that the iconic Ecto-1 was shown under a tarp in the recently released Ghostbusters 3 teaser. That is a small connection, but it makes sense and leads one to believe that the Ecto-1 hasn't been used in quite a while and that it's obviously time to resurrect the awesome vehicle and get rid of the rust.

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As far as the plot for Ghostbusters 3 is concerned, there have only been unconfirmed rumors floating around that claim the movie will center on a group of teenagers, two male and two female. It has also been rumored that one or more of them are the grandchildren of the original Ghostbusters. Obviously, this has led to suspicion that the cast of the first two movies will join their younger counterparts. However, this speculation has been going on for years, well before we even knew that a third movie was really in the cards.

Ernie Hudson has revealed that he has yet to be invited to participate in Ghostbusters 3. The actor is more than happy to return to the fold, but no deals have been offered at this time. Dan Aykroyd has hinted that the original cast will return, even Bill Murray, who has been reluctant to sign on to a sequel for decades. That being said, it looks like now would be the perfect time to get the surviving members of the crew back together, even if it's only a small cameo. Fans would probably give anything to see Murray, Hudson, and Aykroyd on the big screen together.

Ghostbusters 3 is going to be an emotional ride, no matter what. Ivan Reitman has read the script and said, "Literally, I was crying by the end of it, it was so emotional and funny." Jason Reitman had said for years that he didn't feel like he would be the one to make a proper Ghostbusters sequel, but this idea really struck a chord with the director, who is now really excited to put everything together. For now, all of the specifics are under wraps, but we at least know that the project is finally happening under the working title of Rust City. This information comes to us from Production Weekly.