Fans might see a new Ghostbusters project as early as 2019. The news comes after the 2016 reboot of the franchise failed to meet expectations by fans and the studio, leading many to believe that it would be quite some time before getting another Ghostbusters 4 movie. Director of the beloved first two movies and producer on the third all-female reboot, Ivan Reitman was on hand at Comic-Con for the panel related to all things Ghostbusters where he revealed that behind-the-scenes work was still moving along quite well in developing what comes next for the iconic franchise.

Ivan Reitman spoke during the panel about the next Ghostbusters project via Den of Geek. Reitman had this to say.

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"I think we have wonderful plans (including) am animated feature that we're deep in design on already... a really great story that's going to surprise everybody, I think when it comes out."

Reitman went on to briefly talk about the animated project and how it will be different than anything we've seen thus far from the franchise. He explains.

"And we're dealing with the Ghost World quite a lot. We're looking at the film from a ghost point-of-view, and the Ghostbusters from a ghost point-of-view. I think that would be something very interesting."

What came next was the most interesting that Ivan Reitman said all night and he threw it out there pretty calmly. Ivan Reitman reveals.

"And of course a new live-action film."

After dropping that exciting bit of news Reitman hinted that the next movie could see some crossover between the 2016 reboot and the original Ghostbusters. Read what Reitman had to say about a crossover below.

"It was clear that a lot of people weren't happy the original Ghostbusters world wasn't included in the new one."

Reitman is being very cordial while talking about the decision that angered a few and left the majority of fans scratching their heads. Why didn't the original Ghostbusters play themselves in the new reboot? Cameos of the original characters would have gone over a lot better than what we ended up with. Bill Murray was a wasted opportunity in the 2016 movie though that's probably precisely why the actor decided to do it in the first place.

Though Reitman stopped short of revealing that an animated movie would come out next, it makes the most sense. Especially since the studio wants to release something in 2019 for the 35th anniversary of the franchise, an animated movie just makes the most sense with a live-action movie to follow. While all of this news about the Ghostbusters franchise is exciting, it's more exciting to know that the work has kept going behind the scenes after many speculated that we wouldn't see the franchise again for a long time.

Regardless of what comes next for Ghostbuster, we won't have to wait too long to see what happens since 2019 is coming up pretty quickly. Reitman might be underestimating just how difficult it would be to get Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd attached to another movie after it took years to get Murray to even look at a script. An animated movie will more than likely come next for Ghostbusters, but what comes next will definitely be interesting to see where they steer the franchise.