Is Harold Ramis about to be resurrected on the big scren in a new Ghostbusters movie via the magic of a CGI Egon Spengler? Maybe. With the announcement of new Ghostbusters projects coming our way, questions have been brought up about who might be in them, specifically Harold Ramis, who passed away in 2014. Ivan Reitman spoke during the Ghostbusters 101 panel at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend and revealed information about the next two projects that are in the works for the 35th anniversary of the beloved Ghostbusters franchise. And CGI Spengler was a point of topic. Though Reitman did not confirm, it's safe to say that the fully-animated movie will see the light of day sometime in 2019, if it really happens at all. Reitman explained that the story will be completely unique from anything that we've seen from Ghostbusters thus far.

While an animated movie is plenty exciting, it was the announcement of a fourth live-action movie that really got the audience's attention. Ivan Reitman discussed the new movie, which could end up being a crossover between last year's all female reboot movie and the original characters. The announcement drew a huge response from the crowd, but no other concrete information was really revealed by the director. We were able to get a little bit more clarity on the subject thanks to a specific question from the audience.

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ScreenRant reports that an attendee asked Reitman if they had considered using CG technology to recreate any of the actors in the same way that Star Wars: Rogue One did. Reitman answered, saying that it has been thought of. He says.

"It's possible... It's something that we're thinking of. HINT"

So, it seems very likely that we could see the use of CG technology to bring Harold Ramis back into the fold, but how would the fans feel about that? And how would that look in the movie? Could he come back as a friendly ghost?

The use of CG may also have to be used on Bill Murray who refused to read any Ghostbusters scripts after 1990. The rest of the team were all ready to go over the years, but Murray was just flat out not interested in making a third Ghostbusters movie. Doing a cameo role in last year's movie was perfect for him, but it seems very doubtful that Murray would jump on board to star in a movie with a CG version of Harold Ramis. Who know? I could be way off, but I doubt it. That would mean that the next two Ghostbusters projects would end up being animated features.

Reitman reportedly didn't want to make a third movie without Ramis before, but has obviously changed his mind over the span of three years. If Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Dan Aykroid were to agree to the idea, what would it look like? Maybe the movie could take place right after the second movie and they could digitally de-age the entire cast, making it a sort of animation/real-life hybrid like Tron. It's all speculation at this point, but we could very well see a (sort of) live-action Ghostbusters 4 in the near future.