Sony's recent Ghostbusters reboot did not go as planned, to say the least. The very expensive Paul Feig directed, all-female take on the classic horror/comedy didn't generate enough interest worldwide to warrant a sequel. But the franchise isn't dead yet, and Ivan Reitman has some ideas about where it can go. If he has his way, he will have the latest reboot connect with the original Ghostbusters, which would unite all of the current movies in the franchise.

Yesterday was Ghostbusters Day and, in honor of the occasion, Ivan Reitman and star Ernie Hudson sat down to chat with Super News Live. Reitman talked a bit about where the franchise is going and revealed that he wanted to see this new Ghostbusters movie connect to the original and, if all goes well, he hopes to be able to make that happen in Ghostbusters 4. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"We're doing a lot of work about where do we go next with Ghostbusters. I think one thing that fans have clearly wanted, and so did I, that somehow we tie the worlds together. I think it was a little awkward that it wasn't connected, and we certainly heard a lot from everybody out there. So I would definitely want to connect to all of that."

Great! So, if Sony makes another Ghostbusters movie of some kind, which they probably will at some point, Ivan Reitman wants to connect them. Smart. But not so fast. This situation is very complicated now. The new Ghostbusters was a reboot that featured stars Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, who has recently been bashing director Paul Feig publically, as new characters. Albeit, small, unimportant characters. But still, that does present a problem. Would they just ignore that and somehow unite the two movies? It's unclear. What is clear is that the new Ghostbusters probably should have been a continuation in the first place. That issue aside, Ivan Reitman also talked a bit about where they would take the franchise, which probably won't be a direct continuation of Paul Feig's reboot, should they get the chance.

"What we've been doing a lot of is thinking about the franchise rights for Ghostbusters. Because Ghostbusters, that idea doesn't have to just take place in New York, it can happen over the world. I think it would be really cool to see Korean ghosts or Chinese ghosts. All those great traditions in the world have all these tales and things those people are afraid of. To have a sort of local group of Ghostbusters that tie with the head office in New York would be fun."

Again. Kind of cool. Why not have groups of licensed Ghostbusters gangs all over the world? Totally makes sense. Now, the real questions is, why didn't these ideas make it into the latest movie? Maybe Sony can get it right by spending a lot less money and going in a very different direction, should they decided to make another Ghostbusters movie in the relatively near future. You can check out the full interview with Ivan Reitman and Ernie Hudson for yourself below.