Director Jason Reitman partnered up with IGN to break down many of the Easter eggs and revelations to be found in the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer. Ahead of the sequel's release in theaters this November, an all-new trailer was just released showcasing all kinds of new footage. You can watch Reitman breaking it all down in the video below.

In the video, Reitman explains the need for a change in scenery. Previously, the Ghostbusters movies had been tied so heavily into New York, and the director wanted to see things through a different color palette. The movie also introduces new characters to take the reigns, such as Mckenna Grace as Phoebe, a young girl quickly established as an "outsider" in the trailer.

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"These movies have always been about outsiders who discover themselves through ghost busting," Reitman said. "Ghost busting is never attracted to people who are traditional heroes. They don't look or feel like superheroes."

One of the big mysteries established by the trailers is why Egon chose to relocate to an Oklahoma farmhouse of all places. Reitman says that there was a lot of thrill in having the characters discover pieces of the old Ghostbusters team that were left behind, notably the ghost trap and even the Ecto-1. Great efforts were made to recreate the necessary props to look exactly as they appeared in the original movies.

"We studied all of the original props, and we measured them, we lidared them. We tried to get them down to the screw, down to the rust. It was very important to me right from the beginning that we are really paying homage to the original film and trying to recreate it to the best of our ability using old techniques when necessary," Retiman explains.

The director also promises that there will be many Easter eggs and references to the 1984 original to be found in Afterlife. One example pointed out would be the antennas on the top of the Egon's farmhouse, which were designed to resemble the top of the Ecto-1.

"Throughout the film, you're going to be finding all of these kind of mirror images to the 84 film," Reitman says. "Sometimes it's going to be how the actual shot is composed, sometimes there's little references and Easter eggs, [like] the props and the ephemera of the original film."

The new trailer also finally shows us a good look at one of the returning stars of the original movies with Annie Potts back as Janine Menitz. Reitman says the implication here is that Janine continued to take care of Egon in his old age prior to his passing. He also delves into how the new trailer establishes that Phoebe really doesn't know much about her grandfather and his work in the 1980s with the original team, so to find out more, she does what any kid today would do by going online.

"Just like many things these days, there would be people who would believe, and then there would be people who didn't believe," Reitman says of the Ghostbusters' reputation in the present day.

Another reference to the original comes when Paul Rudd can be seen fleeing from a beastly ghost that's chasing him from a Walmart. This moment was inspired by the Ghostbusters scene with Rick Moranis running from a terror dog that bursts through a doorway, with Reitman crediting how that "terror and goofiness mixed is part of what makes it so good." Another shot of the Ecto-1 doing a sharp turn in Ghostbusters: Afterlife is also a recreation of a similar shot of the original Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters.

Perhaps the most exciting moment for original Ghostbusters fans came at the very end when a phone call comes in on a red phone with Dan Aykroyd's voice answering to say, "We're closed." Jason Reitman points out that the red phone might be recognized by fans as the same phone on the counter in Ray's Occult Books, Ray's store shown in the original movie that Reitman says was one of his favorite locations. Reitman also explains the new tattoo that can be seen on Ray's arm.

"Dan Aykroyd and I had talked about the possibility of him having a tattoo, something that maybe recognized the acts of 1984," he said. "Immediately, it came to us that we would speak to this conversation that Winston and Stantz have in the Ecto-1 right at the height of the '84 film."

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is scheduled to be released in theaters on Nov. 11, 2021. The new trailer breakdown comes to us from IGN on YouTube.