A new image from Ghostbusters: Afterlife has been revealed ahead of the movie's summer release. In addition, director Jason Reitman shared what it was like to watch the final cut with his father, Ivan Reitman, who directed the iconic 1984 original movie. The long-awaited sequel was supposed to open in theaters back in July of 2020, but the public health crisis put a stop to that. Reitman and Sony decided that it would be best to delay the movie until the summer of 2021.

In a new interview, Jason Reitman shared what it was like to screen Ghostbusters: Afterlife with his father. Ivan Reitman introduced the franchise back in 1984, and nobody could have predicted that it would still be as massive as it is nearly 40 years later. "My father hasn't been leaving the house much because of COVID," Reitman says. "But he took a test, put on a mask and drove down to the Sony lot to watch the movie with the studio. And after, he cried, and he said, 'I'm so proud to be your father.' And it was one of the great moments of my life."

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It sounds like Ivan Reitman is a fan of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which hopefully means long-time fans will be into it too. As for the new image from the sequel, it features Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, and Logan Kim as they hang out in the Ecto-1. It's unclear what is going on in the photo, but Grace and Wolfhard both look like they've seen a ghost. With the summer release date on the way, the full promotional campaign will be firing up soon, teasing more images and footage.

When tackling Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Jason Reitman knew that he wanted to keep the comedic tone of the original movies intact. However, he also wanted to make sure that it was scary like the original movie too. A lot of people take for granted just how scary elements of Ghostbusters was when it first debuted in theaters. Reitman had this to say about the horror element of the original movie.

"The feeling that I've kind of held onto is that while it is very funny, it really scared me. It was really my first experience with a horror film. I was at a Directors Guild meeting and I happened to be sitting next to Steven Spielberg - when I told him I was working on Ghostbusters, he out of nowhere said, 'Library Ghost - top ten scares of all time.' And it's true."

The Library Ghost is one of the most frightening scenes in Ghostbusters, but even so, it was set up with comedy. It sounds like Jason Reitman tried to keep that comedic edge, while introducing some real horror elements for a new generation of fans. As for what that will look like on the big screen, we'll just have to wait and see. You can check out the new image from Ghostbusters: Afterlife above, thanks to Empire.