Taking inspiration from the upcoming release of the Justice League Snyder Cut, Paul Feig says he'd be up for a special release of the "Feyger Cut" of his controversial reboot movie Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. Originally, Feig's cut of the movie had a runtime of over three hours long, requiring many heavy edits before reaching its theatrical runtime of 105 minutes. That's literally half of the footage that was cut from the reboot before Answer the Call played in theaters in 2016, but Feig if giving fans of the movie hope that they could see the extra-long version with a proper release some day.

"There's a three and a half hour cut of Ghostbusters: ATC I'd be happy to share," Paul Feig said on Twitter this week, directly responding to a fan asking to see the Paul Feig cut of the movie. The filmmaker also added the hashtag #FeygerCut to satirize the Justice League Snyder Cut, so any fans wanting to see it happen can join the campaign with tweets of their own. "Ghostbusters: Answer the Call is one of my favorite movies and I would love to see a #FeygerCut," one tweet states in response, joined by many others with similar sentiments. The movement is starting to pick up some steam, but will it really happen? An extended cut of the movie was already released on Blu-ray shortly after the initial theatrical cut, which added quite few scenes back in, for better or worse, including an epic dance sequence at during the big climax.

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Directed by Feig and co-written by Feig and Katie Dippold, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call was released in 2016. With no storyline connections to the original movies, Answer the Call serves as a remake of the original movie, telling a new story of a group of New Yorkers who form their own ghost removal agency. Its ensemble cast included Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Kristen Wiig, and original cast members Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson also appeared. Though Harold Ramis died in 2014, a bust of the actor shown in the movie pays tribute to the late actor and writer.

Unfortunately, Feig's Ghostbusters movie was pretty much doomed from the start. Even before its release, the reboot had gotten a lot of flak over the official trailer when it was posted online, setting the record as the most disliked video on all of YouTube. The movie didn't fare much better when it premiered in theaters, as it fell far below studio expectations and was considered to be a box office bomb. Sony has since abandoned all plans to delve any further into Feig's new Ghostbusters universe by returning to the original movies' timeline for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, but Feig has also consistently said he'd be up for making an Answer the Call sequel if given the chance.

Who knows if Feig's extended version of Ghostbusters will ever see the light of day, but with the Justice League Snyder Cut, it took years of pushing from fans and several stars of the movie. If you want to see it happen, start tweeting about it now. Otherwise, fans can look forward to seeing Afterlife when the movie premieres in theaters on its new release date of March 5, 2021. This news comes to us from Paul Feig on Twitter.