The Ghostbusters 35th anniversary is underway and a new life-size Terror Dog is the perfect way to celebrate. Diehard fans of the franchise can now preorder the beasts for an August delivery and they look fantastic. With that being said, something that looks as good as these do is not going to come cheap and they are more than likely going to be reserved for fans who have a bit of extra income to throw around. But, Halloween is a time to splurge and a Terror Dog might just be what everybody needs this year.

Spirit Halloween has their Ghostbusters Terror Dogs currently up for pre-order for $499.99, which isn't terribly expensive. However, shipping on this oversized item is going to be a beast. The Terror Dog replicas are officially licensed and they weigh around 48 pounds. They're made out of latex and foam with dimensions of 59" L x 29" W x 30" H. Spirit Halloween had this to say about their replicas.

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"Your favorite Ghostbusters character is alive! This life-size Terror Dog replica will make all of your guests stare in fear and give them a thrill as its eyes light up a glowing red. Once the beast is unleashed, we suggest you run while you can! It could be too late once this demonic dog has you in its grip!"

Terror Dogs are all over the Ghostbusters franchise and they can take on different looks, depending on where they are in the specific storylines. They are best-known for their appearance in the original 1984 Ghostbusters movie. They resemble real dogs, but they have horns and glowing red eyes with a great amount of intelligence. Terror Dogs can possess human beings as vessels, which is shown off in the movie when they take over Dana Barrett and Louis Tully.

The two Terror Dogs featured in Ghostbusters are loyal servants of Gozer known as Zuul and Vinz Clortho. They take over the human forms of Dana Barrett and Louis Tully and then transform into their demonic canine looks and get struck by lightning, signaling the entrance of Gozer. Having one of Spirit Halloween's Terror Dog replicas is pretty much a no-brainer for fans and costs much less than a lot of things for sale at Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. $499.99 is quite the bargain.

The Terror Dog replicas are now for sale and the company expects them to ship out in late August, which is just enough time to prepare for Halloween. For Ghostbusters super fans, maybe a purchase of two is in order to complete the pair and summon Gozer to the Halloween party this year. Whatever the case may be, we're probably going to see a lot more of these Terror Dogs once they finally get delivered. You can check out the Spirit Halloween Twitter account for more information about obtaining your own Terror Dog.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick