Instead of bringing his all-new, all-female Ghostbusters reboot to Comic-Con, director Paul Feig is sharing first looks on his personal Twitter page. After showing off the new Ghostbusters uniforms and the new Proton Packs, he is giving the world a first look at the new Ecto-1 car. This comes after we got our first look at star Melissa McCarthy suited up on set yesterday.

As expected, some of these images aren't sitting well with fans. But Paul Feig is taking it all in stride, and does not plan to cancel his horror comedy in mid-shoot. Instead, he is continuing on with a smile, as evident in his latest tweets. The original 1984 Ghostbusters utilized a retro-fitted 1959 Cadillac Professional Ambulance as their means of transportation. Some have balked that this reboot isn't using the same vehicle. But we knew that was happening, as the director claimed this was a complete re-envisioned take on the material. Instead, we get an 80s era Cadillac Superior Hearse, which pays tribute to the year in which the original movie came out.

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And if you look close enough, you'll notice a cameo from Slimer, who has been immortalized as a hood ornament. You'll also note that this is our first look at the 'No Ghosts' symbol. Which is identical to the one used in the original movie. Some complained about the lack of this iconic symbol on Melissa McCarthy's uniform revealed yesterday. If you look close enough, you will see it is there, on her right arm. Take a look at the new Ecto-1. What do you think? Super cool? Or just plain blasphemous?

Ghostbusters Ecto-1
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 #2