So far, we've seen quite a bit from director Paul Feig's new take on the 1984 classic Ghostbusters. We know that the movie will be a complete reboot, with a story set in an alternate universe, where the original Ghostbusters never existed. Along with an official photo of the girls in costume, we've also seen the new proton packs, the new uniforms, the new Ecto-1 and the introduction of the Ecto-2, a Honda Scrambler motorcycle most likely ridden by Kate McKinnon. She joins a team that also includes Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones. One thing we haven't heard is a confirmation on cameos from the original team of haint hunters. Today, it seems as though one of the creators is coming back. But only for a very short scene that will have him spouting an iconic line. There will be Spoilers ahead!

Yes, original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd is said to have a cameo in the movie. But Ray Stantz does not exist in this world. So who is he playing? How about a New York cab driver who picks up Ghostbuster Kristen Wiig? Co-writer and creator of the franchise, Dan Aykroyd will only be on screen for a few minutes. But he does get to say the iconic line, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts." This exchange is met by Kristen Wiig in her typical fashion, as the comedic actress follows up with the line, "That's a double negative! That means you are afraid of ghosts!"

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The validity of this rumor, which came from Indie Revolver, is only backed-up by the fact that Sony has asked for the character and line info to be removed from their site. Information moves at the speed of light on the Internet, though. And many sites are already running with this info. The film is currently shooting in Boston, and no cameo sightings have been reported, though quite a few pictures have leaked from the set. UPDATE: Dan Aykroyd has actually confirmed that he is on set, and had this to say on his Facebook page (a statement that was also later removed, probably at the request of the studio).


It has long been rumored that other original living Ghostbuster Bill Murray is playing a character named Martin Heiss. The character has been described as 'the villain', and is comparable to William Atherton's Walter Peck from the original movie, a "professional ghost debunker." After he sees some of the videos these new Ghostbusters post online, he becomes determined to prove that they're fake, and "ends up at odds with the team through the whole film." We haven't heard this character mentioned since shooting began. But, Andy Garcia has been confirmed as the Mayor of New York, and may have ties to Heiss.

Shooting is continuing to happen in Boston and New York throughout the summer. Other cast members include Chris Hemsworth as the secretary, along with Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh and Pat Kiernan. Saturday Night Live writer Neil Casey is playing the mysterious new villain Rowan. What do you think of Dan Aykroyd getting to say one of the most iconic lines from the franchise. Better yet, what do you think of Kristen Wiig's retort? Unnecessary? Funny? Not funny? They should have stopped making Ghostbuster movies back in 1989?