This is just awful. Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones can't catch a break. And it's unclear why someone has it out for her. For the second time in just over a month, the comedian has been hacked online with her personal information being exposed and shared against her wishes. This online attack resulted in her personal website being taken down.

The attack happened early Wednesday according to Deadline. The hackers were able to acquire personal information from Leslie Jones' account, including her driver's license and passport, with private photos of the actress being shared via iCloud. This material was then posted on the hacked website, which the Saturday Night Live Not Ready for Prime Time player usually controls herself.

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The info was removed from the actress' website, and now a GoDaddy holding page has gone up instead. Jones' Twitter account was also hacked, and featured a link to this personal website. But that link is now gone. Reps from Leslie Jones' camp as well as SNL refused to comment. Leslie Jones has not posted anything new on her Twitter account since Tuesday evening. Ghostbusters remake director Paul Feig did make this comment on his personal Twitter.

"What's happening to @Lesdoggg is an absolute outrage. Alt right, haters, trolls, "comedians," whoever the fuck you all are, you're just sad."

Leslie Jones had just returned from Rio as an online and sometimes on-air correspondent for NBC during the Olympics. The comedian is expected to return to SNL this fall, for the show's 42nd Season. It is unclear if Jones, who often appears on Weekend Update for commentary, will address this issue on the late night sketch show.

This is the second time this summer that Jones has come under such an attack. In July, the actress had her Twitter hacked, which escalated with Jones going off social media for a short time. She did return a few days later to Tweet about the Olympics, which led to her gig as NBC commentator. Breitbart columnist Milo Yiannopoulos was named as one of Jones' earlier attackers, and has since been banned from that site for breaking the platform's policy.

As of now, no one has been identified as being responsible for this latest online attack and hack. It is unclear when or even if Leslie Jones will return to social media after this second wave of personal attacks against her. We may not get to here from Leslie Jones until the SNL premiere this September.