A five-year-old boy recently got to live out his dream of becoming an actual Ghostbuster thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. London Green was born with a congenital heart defect and, as a result, he has had four different heart surgeries already during his young life and has had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. Part of what got him by is his love of Ghostbusters. Thanks to some truly amazing people, he got to do some real-life ghost busting recently.

The Make-A-Wish organizations from Northeastern California and Northern Nevada recently set up an adventure for London Green in his hometown of Sacramento. Green got to ride around in a version of the Ecto-1, was given his own Ghostbusters suit, complete with Proton Pack, and got to ride around the city hunting three different ghosts; one at the California Railroad Museum, one at Eagle Theater and finally at Waterfront Park.

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As if that weren't enough, London Green was given the key to the city at the end of his journey. To top it all off, Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson, aka Winston Zeddemore, recorded a personal message for Green that helped make his adventure even more authentic. Stuart Green, London's father, says this whole thing was a great break for his son, after having spent 121 days in the hospital last year alone.

"Last year was pretty rough. My wife and my son spent 121 days in the hospital last year, and then Jan. 1 they got out of the hospital. So this year has just been amazing. It's just amazing seeing people to come together and do something for someone that they don't even know."

When asked about saving the city after the whole ordeal was done, London Green had a very short but sweet response; "That's super cool." It took a lot of people to make this happen and the city, including fire and police officials, banded together to give a deserving kid one heck of a memory. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg had this to say about it.

"In a very tough world, where there's a lot to be sad about, here's something to be real happy about."

This was assuredly wonderful for London Green and his family. But it's also nice for fans of the franchise to get some positive Ghostbusters news. The female-fronted reboot sadly didn't work out as well as Sony had hoped and for now, the Ghostbusters franchise is kind of in limbo. Maybe whenever a sequel/reboot gets going, they can give London a call. Make-A-Wish did a similarly amazing thing for a young boy a few years back who loved Batman, which was captured in the documentary Batkid Begins. You can check out photos and video clips from the event for yourself below.