We may not be getting a new Ghostbusters movie this year after all, but at least you can soon buy a new version of Monopoly based on the popular franchise. Several years ago, USAopoly released an officially-licensed Ghostbusters Monopoly game, and although it can still be found by resellers online, it's typically at inflated prices. Now, an all-new Ghostbusters edition of Monopoly from Hasbro is making its way into stores, offering a new game board and other unique differences for players to enjoy. Of course, finding others to play with at this time may be challenging with social distancing in mind, but the game still looks to be a great collectible for big Ghostbusters fans.

Apart from the game board, also included in the box for the Ghostbusters Monopoly game from Hasbro are six tokens, two dice, 22 Contract cards, 32 Roaming Vapor cards, 32 Ghost Traps, 12 Containment Units, paper Monopoly money, and a game guide. An awesome Ghost Trap card holder, looking like the device used by the Ghostbusters in the movie, makes another fantastic addition On the game's packaging, there's also a button that can be pressed to play an instrumental version of the Ghostbusters theme song. As no other electronic parts are included, this must be what the box's recommended 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries are to be used for.

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Replacing the houses and hotels in the original Monopoly are the Ghost Traps and Containment Units for Hasbro's Ghostbusters Monopoly. The six player pieces included are the PKE meter, ecto goggles, proton pack, MT500 radio, Janine Melnitz's glasses, and Dana Barrett's cello. Landing on the new game board's Supernatural Entity spaces will also have players teaming up to battle Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the Library Ghost, or Vinz Clortho. Of course, the game's winner will be determined when every player goes bankrupt except for one, leaving only one person carrying petty cash.

Although new Ghostbusters merchandise continues to make its way into stores, fans of the franchise are not going to see the next movie in the series as originally thought. Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the new sequel from director Jason Reitman, was scheduled to be released this summer on July 10. Because of movie theaters shutting down far and wide for the foreseeable future, Sony has gone ahead and delayed the movie's official release date until next March, making it now almost a year before anyone will get to see it. As the sequel is set in the same timeline as the original two movies, there's a lot of excitement for the project from longtime Ghostbusters fans.

According to Ghostbusters News, the Hasbro version of Ghostbusters Monopoly has already been spotted in Wal-Mart stores ahead of its official release date on April 26. The game also has an official listing on Wal-Mart's official website, and although ordering online isn't an option at this time, you can use the website to check availability at your local Wal-Mart locations. Hasbro's Ghostbusters Monopoly should soon start arriving from other retailers as well. As revealed on the Wal-Mart listing, the game retails for $29.97. This information comes to us from Ghostbusters News.

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