Some fans did not like the recent reveal of the new Ghostbusters car, a rebooted Ecto-1. So it's hard to judge how they'll react when they see the new motorcycle one of the girls rides in this all-new female reboot, which completely wipes away the history of the franchise, taking place in a world where the original Ghostbusters never existed. It makes sense that new vehicles would be introduced into this rebooted universe.

This ride has been identified as a Honda Scrambler. And if you look real close, you might get a little angry. Yes, that is the classic No Ghosts symbol painted on the side. But it, too, has been rebooted and instead of the classic ghost, it is a female haint. Don't worry, though. The recent Ecto-1 reveal shows that the classic logo is still in play, and adorns the side and back of the main vehicle. The original Ecto-1 was a retro-fitted 1959 Cadillac Professional Ambulance. It has been traded up for an 80s era Cadillac Superior Hearse. Though some balked at the change, it does make sense in honoring the original Ghostbusters decade.

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The owner of the Ecto-2 has not been identified, but if we're looking at the characters revealed in recent photos, it would make the most sense if it belonged to the character played by Kate McKinnon, with her yellow goggles and chain necklace. She just looks like she rides a dirt bike. In Ghostbusters, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are authors who've penned a book about real life ghosts. The book goes nowhere, and years later Kristen Wiig gets a job at Columbia University. Before long, her book resurfaces and she is laughed off campus. Kristen Wiig is forced to reunite with her former co-writer and two other spirt wranglers when ghosts invade Manhattan, and it's up to this team to save the world. So, what do you think? The new Ghostbusters ride: Cool or not cool?