While Marvel hurries to lockdown a confirmed director for their in-limbo Phase Three adventure Ant-Man after losing Edgar Wright last week, another long-gestating sequel may have just outted its first choice for ship captain in Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less director Ruben Fleischer. While Marvel and Disney were eyeing Fleischer to take on Ant-Man, it looks like he may be going with the Ghostbusters reboot instead.

Ghostbusters is at Sony, home to Ruben Fleischer's previous efforts. He has proven that he can mesh comedy and the supernatural together in a perfect cocktail of thrills. He has become the frontrunner, sought out by original director Ivan Reitman, who stepped down from the director's seat on this third installment after the death of star and longtime friend Harold Ramis last year. Ivan Reitman remains on the project as a producer, and is helping to personally select the person to move the rebooted franchise forward.

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While Ghostbusters isn't shooting for quite some time, Ant-Man was already supposed to begin shooting, and has been delayed until June. The film will go into production as soon as a new director is in place, which would give Ruben Fleischer ample time to take on both high profile projects. But it looks like he would rather spend time with his wife and newborn baby rather than immediately jump into a project right now.

Sony has neither confirmed nor denied that Ruben Fleischer is their top choice for Ghostbusters.