A few weeks ago, Sony's Ghostbusters reboot debuted on Blu-ray and VOD, after a theatrical release that was well-received by critics (72% on Rotten Tomatoes), although it wasn't terribly successful from a financial standpoint. Now that the movie is available for everyone to watch and analyze from the comfort of their own home, it's fitting that a new Honest Trailer has debuted to tear this movie to shreds. This six-minute video doesn't hold back, revealing everything they think is wrong with the franchise refresher.

The video debuted today on Screen Junkies' YouTube channel, which starts with narrator Jon Bailey even expressing his reticence about speaking out against the movie. After all, this movie spawned a new level of online hatred towards the all-female cast before, during and after the production, leading up to the July release. It even got to the point where Leslie Jones was bullied and harassed so much that she quit Twitter for a period of time. In light of all the controversy surrounding the movie, the Screen Junkies team disabled commenting in the video you can see below.

We also reported in August that the planned Ghostbusters 2 isn't happening anymore, after Sony reportedly lost roughly $75 million on the movie, a figure that was disputed by the studio. The movie earned $128.1 million domestically and $228.9 million worldwide from an estimated budget of $144 million, which doesn't include the massive marketing costs the studio spent to promote the movie. While the studio disputed the amount of money they may have made or lost on Ghostbusters, we haven't had any confirmation about whether or not a sequel is happening or not.

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It's also worth noting that director Paul Feig, who also co-wrote the script with Katie Dippold, stated in a previous interview that he is not coming back to direct a sequel, so even if a follow-up does move forward, the studio would have to find a different director. Just after the movie opened in July, Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution at Sony Pictures, said he had "no doubt" in his mind that a sequel will happen, but given the lack of updates on the sequel since then, it may not be happening.

It's worth noting that the original Ghostbusters, which hit theaters in 1984, made more during its domestic run ($229.2 million) than the reboot's entire global run. When adjusted for inflation, the original Ghostbusters' $229.2 million domestic take would be the equivalent of a $589.6 million movie in today's market. We'll never know for sure if the hatred and controversy adversely affected the box office performance. While we ponder these questions, check out the "Honest Trailer" for the Ghostbusters reboot below.