The Ghostbusters all-female backlash has been on full throttle ever since Sony announced the reboot's director and cast earlier this year. Fans simply hate this idea. But that isn't stopping it from charging forth, possibly breaking down barriers as shooting continues to hum along. In this day and age, it's kind of shocking to see some of the vitriol lobbed at the remake, which has Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon replacing the men who used to wear the uniform. The ugly truth is, there is no possible way director Paul Feig can make a movie that's worse than 1989's Ghostbusters 2, which killed off the franchise for 27 years.

Whether you accept it or not, nothing can stop this latest incarnation of the popular series from hitting theater screens next summer, save for the zombie apocalypse or some other supernatural occurrence that has the ability to decimate the human race. Sony needs a franchise, and this is one of their best shots at glory. While some think they are shooting themselves in the foot by imploring an army of lady Ghostbusters, others see it as a giant step forward. And not only is the movie utilizing four of today's top comedians, it also supports a strong behind the scenes crew made-up of women. Melissa McCarthy has gathered her fellow paranormal exterminators, along with everyone helping to make the reboot possible, for an epic group photo that displays the movie's sheer girl power.

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Some claim they have no problem with all-female Ghostbusters. They merely hate the ones that have been assembled, despite the two leads' proven box office prowess. Someone must like them, right? The cast is made up Saturday Night Live alum, some retired, some still active, along with Melissa McCarthy, whose hosting appearances on the late night sketch show remain some of the highest rated and best reviewed episodes of all-time. The photo is our first confirmation that long-rumored current SNL Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time player Cecily Strong has joined the cast. Though, we don't have any word on whom she is playing. About the photo, Melissa McCarthy proudly proclaims the following.

"3 cheers to @theellenshow from all the remarkable women of #ghostbusters. When we stand together we are unstoppable! #girlpower"

The photo is firmly directed at some of the hate being placed on the movie. As you can see, female bodies fill the important positions of Stunts, Writer, Script Supervisor, Producer, Props, Make-Up, Costumes, Set Decorations, Casting, and whole lot more. The photo was also launched in support of Ellen DeGeneres' #GirlPower social media movement highlighting strong women in the workplace. It should be pointed out, even if you don't like the cast here, most of these same women would still be holding down these jobs on this movie. That certainly wouldn't have changed with four male actors in the lead.

Some will call foul for not including all the men who are working just as hard to bring this reboot to life. But it's seen as a call to arms for Hollywood to understand how important women are in the workplace, especially when it comes to show business. The state of female filmmaking is at a low point, and the fact of the matter is more women need to be hired in front of and behind the camera. A lot of you may disagree with that. But the makers of Ghostbusters feel it's necessary to highlight the work being done by women in the entertainment industry. Perhaps when its no loner an anomaly, you won't be forced to endure these kinds of 'girl power' photos any more.