Last week, the official Ghostbusters soundtrack song list was released, which revealed that the group Fall Out Boy will be teaming with rapper Missy Elliot on a new version of the theme song, dubbed "I'm Not Afraid." While the full soundtrack won't be released until July 8, this new song was released online today. This Ghostbusters reboot has certainly become quite divisive among fans, and this song most likely won't ease any of the debate swirling around the movie. In fact, we're willing to bet, that some of you will consider this this the final nail in the coffin.

The song debuted through Fall Out Boy's official YouTube page, and for fans of Ray Parker Jr.'s original theme song, you may not like this version at all. Practically every aspect of this reboot has been under severe scrutiny by longtime fans of the original, and this theme song will certainly spawn even more debate. There are actually four different versions of the theme song included on the soundtrack, including Ray Parker Jr.'s original and an a cappella version by Pentatonix.

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Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return, rebooted with a cast of hilarious new characters. Thirty years after the beloved original franchise took the world by storm, director Paul Feig brings his fresh take to the supernatural comedy, joined by some of the funniest actors working today. This summer, they're here to save the world! The new Ghostbusters are Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Chris Hemsworth leads the supporting cast, playing the Ghostbusters' new secretary Kevin.

This new Ghostbusters adventure will go up against Broad Green Pictures' The Infiltrator. Ghostbusters is produced by Ivan Reitman and Amy Pascal, and written by Katie Dippold & Paul Feig, based on the 1984 film Ghostbusters, written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and directed by Ivan Reitman. The supporting cast includes Andy Garcia as the mayor of New York City, Michael K. Williams as Hawkins, Matt Walsh as Rourke, Pat Kiernan as a news anchor and Neil Casey as the human villain Rowan.

It will be interesting to see how fans and haters alike react to this theme song, especially since the disdain seems to be more prevalent. We reported a few months ago that the first trailer became the most hated movie trailer of all time. We're willing to bet that this new song might become the most hated cover song of all time. Check out the new Ghostbusters theme below, and stay tuned for more on this upcoming remake, in theaters July 15.