It's almost here! The new Ghostbusters will finally be in theaters this July, finally answering whether or not it's the worst movie of 2015. A lot of fans believe it simply isn't worth their time, but the charming cast keeps going out of their way to prove they have a sense of humor about the whole thing. While all the controversy and misogynist comments have been countered by the cast on multiple occasions this past week, finally some fun has come out of one of the cast Q&As. Yes, they finally answer the question we've all been dying to know. Who would win in a fight between The Avengers and the new Ghostbusters?

The question is pertinent for the simple fact that Avengers star Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, bailed on this summer's Captain America: Civil War so that he could appear as the dimwitted secretary Kevin in director Paul Feig's all-female Ghostbusters reboot. While the cast mulls over the question long and hard, it's star Leslie Jones who steps in to squash any speculation with one quick definitive answer. She simply states the truth.

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"The Avengers."

And she's probably right. While these new Ghostbustin' ladies have all kinds of new weapons used to fight off ghost attacks and capture pesky spectral beings who like to haunt the living, they'd be no match for Tony Stark and his Iron Man armor. And that's without the other Avengers having his back. Along with this fun EW cast Q&A, we also get a look at the cover of their latest issue. It features not only Leslie Jones, but the other three scientists as well, including Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and scene stealer Kate McKinnon.

Fans have waited 30 years since the first Ghostbusters arrived in 1984 to see a new team take on the franchise. But it's been a very bumpy road, with many complaining about this updated iteration that completely throws the original Ghostbusters into the ether claiming they don't exist. Though, the surviving Ghostbusters from the 80s will all be putting in cameos at some point in the movie, including Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray. While the original gang has showered praise on the reboot in recent days, Kristen Wiig is quick to point out they'll never be able to top the first movie and its legacy.

"You can't get better than the original. But it's a different movie, it's a different cast, it's many years later, and we've also done things that are different. It's not just about it starring women."

Some fans believe it is ALL about the fact that this series now focuses on woman. And their screams of hate have been heard loud into the night. The first trailer even has the distinction of being the most hated movie trailer on Youtube. But the cast is trying to fight their way through it leading up to the release. Leslie Jones has a difference stance on things now, as they've transpired in the last few months. She says this.

"When people started asking me about the gender stuff, I would say, 'It's not a man thing, it's not a woman thing. It's a Ghostbuster thing.'

Melissa McCarthy simply can't even believe having an all-female cast in a blockbuster summer tent pole is still something to complain about. She wrongly believed that society had moved past all that. But apparently she was wrong. She explains.

"I just thought, 'Really? Are we still there?' It's a movie. I never gave it another thought. You just have to go, 'Well, I hope you get out a little more. The world is fun.' I really think it's the minority."

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly will be on newsstands and in mailboxes this Friday. Inside, you'll get to hear even more from the stars about the big Ghostbusters controversy. But they will also address having Chris Hemsworth on set and the fact that the production was invaded by a series of gaseous fumes. Though, it might not have been Slimer who was responsible for letting the 'Fart out of the bag!' As star Kate McKinnon put it, feigning responsibility. You can check out the new EW cover featuring the 2016 Ghostbusters here.

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